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Blessings of the Aries Full Moon: The Harvest Moon

I am dashing out the door this stormy morning, heading to Raleigh for readings all day at Dancing Moon (call 919-833-8081 if you’d like an appointment!).  But I wanted to share these unique perspectives on today’s momentous Full Moon.  May the winds of change bring us the courage and release we most need, may our harvests be nurturing, and may our rites be blessed. ~ Beth

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.

Full Moon Focus – Aries: Honoring the Impulse
by Rhea Wolf 

September 29, 8:19 PM (PDT), 11:19PM (EDT) at 7-8 degrees Aries

With the Full Moon in Aries on September 29th, the focus is on our individualism and pioneering spirit. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and wants to be first in everything. The symbol of Aries is the ram, an animal that plunges headfirst into confrontation.

The days before and after a Full Moon are very emotionally charged, and with Aries we can expect intense passion and power to fuel our actions and encounters with others during this time. What this Full Moon wants is for you to honor the impulse and empower your life without burning bridges, burning out, or burning up in anger.

With Aries, we have to find mature outlets for our power and passion, such as competitive sports or activities where these is the potential for risk. It’s a good time to examine the inner-warrior – that part of us that wants to take action on behalf of a cause, idea or person we care about. If we are failing to heed our own impulses, we can expect them to come out as anger, frustration and tantrums directed at anyone in our path.

Instead of adolescent outbursts, strive to listen to your inner warrior and see what s/he needs to feel empowered. Are you letting others take advantage of you? Are there projects that have been in the dreaming stage for too long? Call in the pioneering spirit of this Aries Full Moon to navigate uncharted emotional terrain.

This Full Moon ushers us into the introspective time of year by forcing us to look deeply at our emotional well-being, our desires, and our unexpressed individual needs. As the Moon ripens, you may feel pulled to notice what you have harvested from previous actions and look deeper to what is still bubbling below the surface in your life, ready to born.

Sabian Symbol for 7-8 degrees Aries: A large hat with streamers flying, facing east. A new idea that has implications or a range of influence carrying over into other areas or realms. (Bovee, The Sabian Symbols and Astrological Analysis).

September 2012
by Cynthia Novak

The Full Moon arrives this evening. But to face the Sun this time, the Moon will have to enter the Pluto Uranus power zone. Yes, both luminaries are triggering the planets of electrical vibration and deep transformation.

It might feel as if you’ve lost your bearings at times. But it’s a great time to notice what thoughts or ideas keep surfacing and how you treat them.

This is the Full Moon so we are enlightening even in our dark shadowy corners of our thoughts. This is not about moods as much as it is possibilities.

Do you keep thinking about a change but push it away because it was not part of your long term plan? This is a great day to really listen to what is calling you and when Pluto and Uranus are both involved, if we ignore the call, destiny may find another way to get out attention.

This could be a really interesting date night or even day to connect online. When the outer planets are concerned, it is very wise to take it slow and be your own ride home.

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  • September 30, 2012, 3:18 pm libramoon

    Harvesting Moonlight

    Today the dark approaches, loosens veils of entropy.
    Pixel colors whisper, hum of trails diminishing.
    Lumbering, tales sweaty from slumber sweep
    crumbling crusts, twigs and dust,
    unencumber twinkling.
    Luscious Moon, brilliant, rises
    like a sacred flower unbinds, radiant,
    smiling indulgence.
    Celestial song, deep-breath effulgence,
    wise spirit. All we who hear it open our wings.
    This night we fly over poignant fields of work requited,
    imbibe euphorious mystery of peace. Sweet day’s release,
    rewards of harvest, ritual feast of play.
    Uproarious dance with moonlight; voice, arms, lift
    in embrace so strong, complete.

    September 29, 2012