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Honoring Hecate

As you may know, on the last day of each month, I like to give honor to the Goddess Hecate.

Hecate is a Greek Triple Goddess of magical crossroads and the three realms of Earth, Sea and Sky. She is a guardian of the household, protector of everything newly born, and the Goddess of Witches. She was one of the oldest and most universally revered chthonic Goddesses of the ancient world.

Walking in the night or visiting cemeteries during the dark phase of the Moon, She has been described as luminous or shining.

Hecate is sometimes accompanied on Her travels by an owl, ancient symbol of wisdom. Although not a Goddess specializing in wisdom along the lines of, say, Minerva, Hecate gives expert counsel to those who find themselves at the various crossroads of life.

In ancient times, on the last day of the month, Hecate’s worshippers would leave a “Hecate’s Supper” outdoors, usually at a Y-crossroads, with specially prepared foods as offerings to Her. These offerings were also gifts to appease the restless ghosts, called apotropaioi by the Greeks.

Frequently, a pole was erected at the intersection and three masks would be hung from it, as homage to Hecate and to request Her wise guidance when making choices.

Three-faced masks and other images of Hecate were also placed at the gates of cities, and domestic doorways.

Many of the men and women currently in service to Her still focus their rites strictly by the lunar month, which is how the ancient Greeks counted time, rather than the modern solar-based calendar, introduced later by the Romans.

But I think She does not mind if we also dedicate this last day of the solar month to Her as well.

Although Her name may mean “The Distant One,” Hecate is always close at hand in our times of need, helping us to release old, unhelpful habits and situations, and find our courage to greet the new beginnings that surely come with the turning of the month.

May mighty Hecate grant us Her wisdom and guidance on this last day of the month, and always.

Blessed be.

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  • August 31, 2012, 3:10 pm libramoon

    Hekate’s Child

    Child of Hekate,
    sweetness and light?
    Where is the mark
    of your entombment?
    Buried prematurely,
    to strive for growth
    in dark enclosure
    striving for a breath
    of the pompously negligent
    of the blushing Moon
    of the squabbling sons and daughters,
    of daylight’s pleasures.
    Striving, tenderly
    twisting around corners
    aching for an unknown touch.

    “Tell me, sir, then, how’s it going now?”
    Looking up narrowly from a tepid meal,
    all at once remembering
    playfellows on the schoolyard
    running, out of breath,
    filled with pride
    a jolly good game.
    Always someone begging
    my attention,
    but it wasn’t really me,
    just a story to steam off
    or a butt to joke on.
    All the silly give and take;
    only time is taken
    and that in big hungry chunks
    of no tomorrows.

    One long day
    now the part all groggy
    waking from fevered napping.
    It wasn’t supposed to be a tomb
    nestled in Transylvanian bloodlines.
    It was meant to be a child’s cot,
    freshly laundered cotton lace.
    But the rats got in,
    once the cats had been slaughtered.

    Slowly wakening
    I strive again to find my footing.
    Learning to walk
    was never as easy
    as forgetting to fly.

    (c) Feb. 26, 2006 Laurie Corzett