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Blessings of the Blue Moon in Pisces

She is the ruler of the tides of flux and reflux. The waters of the Great Sea answer unto her, likewise the tides of the earthly seas and she ruleth the nature of woman.
~ Dion Fortune

Because this is such a rare and magical time, I offer the perspective of not one, not two, but three of my favorite astrologers: Rhea Wolf, Lynn Hayes, and Elisabeth Grace.  You will, I think, instantly notice the common theme. 

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend. And may your rites be blessed. ~ Beth

Full Moon Focus
Pisces – Spotlight on Compassion

 by Rhea Wolf
August 31, 9:58 AM Eastern Time, 8-9 degrees Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces lights up the sky on August 31st. This week, focus on building your sense of compassion and creating some down time for yourself. You may find this to be a good time to reawaken your connections to spirit and find direction for your soul’s path.

This Full Moon has everyone feeling more sensitive than usual, so be mindful of how you interact with loved ones. You may feel more vulnerable, confused and impressionable, and the desire to retreat will be strong.

We could really feel the weight of the world with this Full Moon, drawing attention to our own short-comings, suffering, and illusions of life. It’s a good time to reflect on such themes, but be careful not to get lost in the deep end. Retreat is a good thing, but isolation can also heighten our painful feelings.

To harness the energy in positive ways, engage in activities that are restorative and healing, such as being in water, meditating, or listening to soothing music. If we look to ourselves and the world through the lens of Piscean compassion, we can release long-standing patterns of suffering, such as the victim-martyr conditioning in relationships.

Use this moon to deepen your intuitive capabilities by focusing on dreams, visions, and other spiritual channels in order to find inspiration and emotional sustenance. Find the time to reconnect with the Divine and feel how you are a part of the cosmos.

Pisces Full Moon, August 31 2012

by Lynn Hayes

[Today’s] Full Moon is packed with planetary goodness.

First we have the opposition of the Sun and Moon in the eternal dance that marks the midpoint of the lunar cycle. As the Sun steps back and the Moon is illuminated in her full glory, the hidden can be revealed. We can stop buzzing around long enough to sense the quieter magic that is normally hidden from view – the delicate sounds that hang in the air when the darkness falls.

This Moon is in Pisces, the sign of transcendence, and it opposes the Virgo Sun with its need for order and details and respect for the mundane details of life.

Under the Pisces Moon the soul longs for connection to something that transcends everyday life – an experience where magic and divine experience become the norm and not the exception. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and this Full Moon contains a Neptune double whammy because the Moon also conjoins Neptune which enhances that magic wand of illusion and fantasy as well as a spiritual yearning.

The Moon also conjoins Chiron, which opposes the Sun and becomes a part of the Full Moon planetary alignment. Chiron’s role here is to utilize the Pisces/Neptune deep longing for the purpose of soul evolution and release, so the emotional pull will be very powerful.

Uranus and Pluto are tightly wound into the fabric of this Full Moon, with the Sun in a trine to Pluto, ensuring that transformation occurs as we let go (Pluto) of the dead weight that we typically carry with us. Pluto is also in a harmonious sextile to the Moon, helping us to go deeper and more fearlessly into the void where we can find our true nature underneath the delusion of everyday life.

However, Pluto is still locked in the square to Uranus that is fostering revolution and change and unrest around the world, and Uranus is agitating the Full Moon chart with an inconjunct and quincunx to the Sun and Moon. These are awkward aspects that aren’t problematic so much as they create unrest and perhaps a bit of frustration. The power of transformation that Pluto brings is strong in this Full Moon, but Uranus makes everything a little bit harder. Nothing will go exactly as planned, and perhaps that IS the plan.

Fortunately Mars, which is in Scorpio now where it is quite powerful in its aggressive force and pure drive and inspiration, harmonizes with the Moon and the Sun to motivate us to seek the kind of peak experience that will culminate in greater awareness and personal understanding.

Enjoy the magic of this Pisces Full Moon! It is riper and richer than what we can normally ever expect.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday & Saturday
8/31 – 9/1/2012:
Full Moon in Pisces

by Elisabeth Grace

It’s a holiday weekend in the United States, and many of you may have skipped out early yesterday while the Moon was void-of-course. Good for you for planning your escape.

If you are working today, you may encounter a flood of emotion and/or a dizzying level of activity, courtesy of a Full Moon in Pisces, exact at 9:58AM ET. Intuition may be heightened; inspiration may be soaring. That’s the positive potential.

The downside is a continued wandering in a surrealistic, spaced-out fog, courtesy of a challenge between nebulous Neptune and Mercury (mind, communication, transportation), exact on Saturday at 5:17PM ET. This is a great weekend for indulging in art, film, spiritual encounters and other meditative escapes. Not a bad weekend for con men, either, as we may see in the headlines.

This Full Moon is also a Blue Moon, which is a fancy way of saying it is the second Full Moon to occur in a calendar month. No one seems to really know why it is called a Blue Moon, says this article in the LA Times. And this fuzzy quality fits in perfectly with all the weird Neptune energy we’ve been talking about all week.

Full Moons bring illumination and release to the agenda you set on the last New Moon, which you may recall was symbolized by “a rainbow.” You were encouraged to go forth and shine, shine, shine! Take the time to assess your progress over the last two weeks. How are you doing? What are you realizing? What’s the next step?

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is 9 Pisces, “A jockey”. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 9 Virgo is “a man making a futuristic drawing.” Cue good old Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee for insights on how to apply these symbols at this time in your life: “…a jockey is an image of a rider skilled in maneuvering power within a powerfully contested situation…to jockey someone means to draw someone in or out by trickery.”

As for the man making a futuristic drawing, Bovee suggests this is “an image for manifesting personal creativity in a way that goes beyond hitherto known expression,” in a clear reference to Clint Eastwood’s stunning appearance at last night’s Republican convention.

OK, seriously. We have a window of opportunity in this lunar cycle to take some bold steps forward and not trip over the furniture. Challenge yourself to think creatively and strategically outside of the box. If you are engaged in a competitive enterprise, put on your Grandmaster chess hat and force yourself to think 20 steps ahead of the Other Team.

This lunar cycle ends on September 14th.  To be continued…