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Tarot Card of the Week: July 9-15, 2012 – The Fool

Our purpose in life is not a thing that we must choose or figure out; it is revealed as we move towards it.
~ Beth (me)

And The Fool is here to say, “Get moving!”

The Fool is one of my favorite cards in the Tarot, because how people react to him is always very instructive. There he stands, the bliss ninny stepping off the side of a cliff, holding his rose, and gazing off into some invisible (to us) wonderment.

He makes many of my clients very uncomfortable. He is exactly what is wrong, they complain to me, with their husband/wife/child/co-worker. He represents exactly what they most fear, if they begin to explore what and who they would rather be.

Does he not see the danger?  Shouldn’t he be taking someone’s advice, playing it smart, following the rules?

He is the antithesis of our need for control.

But folks, if there ever was a time when our illusion of control was being busted, it’s now.

The Fool is the zero of the Major Arcana – where all potential exists, all things are possible. He is poised on the edge of the Hero’s Journey, with his animal teacher/guide either warning or dancing with him (or a bit of both).

The more important something is, the less likely it is that we will know ahead of time how it will turn out. But moving forward is essential, even if you feel like you are walking over the edge of a cliff.

In order to grow into who we truly are, we must be willing to risk everything. Taking the risk of authenticity is the scariest, most necessary thing you will ever do.

And you’ll be required to do it over and over, many times, every day. But you must dare to be who you are, or else join the ranks of the sleep-walkers who are hypnotized in their nightmares. I am sure you, as I do, see them every day.

Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist’s Way, writes, “In order to risk, we have to be willing to look bad. We have to be willing to be a sucker. We have to be willing to look like fools.”

What crazy, foolish, you-ought-to-know-better thing is your spirit crying out for this week?  Clear the decks, reboot the system, toss out the baggage! Right smack in the middle of Summer, get out the confetti — we’re going to celebrate a happy new year, a brand new beginning.

For truly, we are all being asked to take that step. All bets are off. We do not know what the new country looks like and there are no road maps except our own inner trusting.

It may look incompetent, silly, childlike, and raw to those judging critics stuck on the sidelines of life. We are definitely going to screw up — many times.

So what? Forget yourself and how you might appear to others.

No more waiting, dithering, second thoughts, and self-doubts. This is our “get out of jail free” card. Now is the time to step forward, though we might not know to what distant lands our journey may take us.

Our true path is made in the walking; our heart’s desire only reveals itself as we move towards it.

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  • July 9, 2012, 12:36 pm Carey

    Funny, the first thing I thought when I saw this this morning was “Thank goodness! Finally!” A breath of fresh air!

  • July 9, 2012, 12:46 pm Sundruid

    I’m doing this now… taking the ‘crazy’ path… Let’s see how it works 😉

  • July 9, 2012, 12:55 pm Maria

    I’m right with you on the “crazy” path, Sundruid! I finally decided a few days ago that it’s time to stop being jealous of people whose lives are what I wish mine were, and to start acting as if I’m already authentic, creative, blessed, and on the right path.

    Beth, thanks for your insight — very helpful as always! The part about “it will be revealed as we move towards it” really spoke to me!

  • July 9, 2012, 1:38 pm Lorna Bevan

    The”crazy path” is couretsy of Uranus and sidekick Mercury stationing, wired into Pluto,Venus,Jupiter and Mars.Yes,it’s the time to take a leap of faith and,no…it’s not when you’ll see or feel any tangible outcomes.Wait until after 8 August to get a sense of whether or not you’ve read your inner compass aright.

  • July 9, 2012, 2:44 pm Beth

    A huge thank you, Lorna, for the astrological insight .. ♥

    And Maria – I hear you! There was an inspiring post on Lynne Haye’s blog yesterday, discussing the unhappiness of jealousy or comparison in the context of Chiron’s square with Venus.

    Thank you, everyone! I love having your delightful company on this crazy path! Please share your travel tales!

  • July 9, 2012, 4:17 pm Cameron

    Wow – the Fool’s Journey and this post really harkens back to Pressfield’s “The War of Art” posting regarding resistance. Further into the book he talks about moving away from the amateur desire to entertain one’s life path and passion to becoming a professional seeker and doer. I believe this is where the Fool embarks on the Hero’s Journey. Regarding “No more waiting, dithering, second thoughts, and self-doubts…”, if we can make the transition away from being an amateur that is overly invested in success and terrified of failure, we can take the leap of faith the Fool seems to represent and follow the path that reveals itself as we move forward. The leap is easy to discuss, but so difficult in which to participate…Geronimo!

  • July 9, 2012, 4:54 pm Jen

    I’m so excited to see that this is the card for this week as it was one of the cards in my recent reading, and I’m hopeful this means I’ll get some news this week!

  • July 9, 2012, 6:03 pm Regina

    I can’t even begin to describe how appropriate and awe-some The Fool is for me right now! And how this post struck a homerun right out of the park! 🙂
    This is THE very thing I’ve begun tossing about – my authenticity and whether or not I’m living it. Well, I believe it’s time to dust off the old “hiking boots,” ratchet up my courage a few notches, and follow The Fool. It’s definitely time to go.

  • July 9, 2012, 10:28 pm Green Man

    I get excited when I see The Fool! To me, the card means, “Take the plunge! Go for it!” Funny, I tell others always, when they wonder what to do, or are scared–I say, “Go for it! Jump off the cliff! What have you got to lose?!” I find it interesting that it makes many of your clients uncomfortable…I hadn’t thought of it that way at all. Silly me.
    Thanks for a wonderful post!

  • July 10, 2012, 5:27 am Athena Noctua

    Seeing The Fool is comforting for me right now. I finally got approved for a mortgage, and my head and heart are at war over it. Logic says with potential for lay-offs at work or being transferred, and a bad economy I shouldn’t buy, but then I think this is probably the only time with both housing prices and interest rates are low that I could afford to buy. My heart tells me it’s time for my children and I to have a house and yard again. A place to grow a garden, and sense of ownership. It may seem like a “fools errand”, but sometimes you just have to take the plunge regardless of the risk. Though will make sure the house is one that meets our needs and have a good home inspector.

    The last time I did this was 16 years ago, when I went to Grad school and everyone told me I wouldn’t get a job when I was done, that I would be unemployed and in-debt. Well, I had a job about a month after finishing my degree, and even though it wasn’t the one I planned on, it worked out well and I learned some skills I never anticipated, and had opportunities to earn some bonuses.

    Sometimes, we have to do things, no matter what the worries, controllers, naysayers, and negative Nellies say to dissuade us and feed us their fear. It’s hard to move forward when others and sometimes yourself, hold you back, but once you start on the journey you learn and experience so much along the way, it’s worth it.

  • July 10, 2012, 10:33 am Beth

    YES!! YES!!! YES!!!
    I am so loving our epiphany-filled gathering of cliff jumpers, dare-angels (not devils!), and frisky, wise, crazy Fools! ♥