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Tarot Card of the Week – July 16-22, 2012: Two of Pentacles

The trick to juggling is determining which balls are made of rubber
and which ones are made of glass.
~ Anonymous

After the momentous new beginning promised by The Fool last week, it appears that more down-to-earth matters are now in need of our attention.  This week we welcome the Two of Pentacles.

The Tarot Twos are concerned with duality: yes/no, light/dark, male/female, and so on.  They are ruled by the Moon and the big Two of the Tarot – The High Priestess. So in this week of the Cancer New Moon  (Cancer, of course, is ruled by the Moon), there is lots of lunar energy flowing.

Yet, the Pentacles keep this very grounded, for they deal with our physical, material world reality – job, home, health and money matters. So one question to begin with is, how does Mystery manifest in our practical world?

In the Two of Pentacles, we see a young man dancing as he juggles the Pentacles or coins. These are his worldly concerns.

This is another of artist Pamela Colman Smith’s “stage” cards, wherein it appears the figure may not be outdoors, but standing upon a theater stage. Is this a real scene, or an act in a play?

A lemniscate (the infinity sign) loops around the two Pentacles, suggesting there is magic at work, or that his financial matters may have a spiritual dimension.  We are seeing both timelessness and perfect timing.

In the background are two ships riding the waves – cruising the ups and downs of life. Perhaps this is not the smoothest sailing, but more like a roller coaster ride. Is it frightening, or is it exciting?

This card frequently appears when there are money matters to be sorted out – income and outgo, investments, and the balancing of our accounts.  Watch your spending; this is not a time to take big risks, but neither should you become overly cautious. What does an ample sufficiency mean to you? How do you define sustainability in a practical, real-world sense?

In the coming week, you may need to juggle a number of demands. Although you can do it in ways that make it look easy to your “audience,” it may take significant concentration and skill to pull it off.

Being both playful and centered at the same time can help things move more easily.  Like all good jugglers, learn to focus on the flow, not the individual components.

Just remember to be flexible and adaptable when surprises come your way. Sometimes a side step, or even a back step is the wisest way forward.  Look for the opportunities in your challenges, and discover they can be fun – for truly this card is about relishing your abilities.

Juggling all those complex moving parts that comprise our everyday practical reality is an infinitely sacred magical act.  If you know what your most precious priorities are (the “balls made of glass”), you won’t need to worry if you drop the less important ones from time to time.