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My Birthday Wish

You know how I love celebrating birthdays, and working with you to help make your wishes come true, right?

Well, tomorrow is my birthday, and you can help make my wish come true.

As I continue to work through my second Saturn return, I am thinking a lot about what my life will have meant, when I am gone. I care tremendously about paying it forward to the Witches, Pagans, and Goddess spirituality men and women who are struggling for recognition, respect, and equal rights.

So, for my birthday, I am asking that you make a donation to my beloved Cherry Hill Seminary (I am honored to be on the Board of Directors).

It means the world to me that we are making history by establishing the world’s first rigorous, scholastically excellent Pagan university since the destruction of the ancient library of Alexandria, Egypt.

Cherry Hill Seminary is the world’s finest academic institution for all traditions of Pagan leaders and care-givers. Whether you need a certificate or graduate degree in order to pursue your vocational goals, or you are looking for continuing education to support your present work, or else you simply wish to learn about a specific topic in a Pagan-infused classroom – Cherry Hill is by far the best on the planet.

But we are creating it without the benefit of loans, or sports teams, or wealthy corporate interests generating gobs of money.  Cherry Hill is a labor of love being built for the current and future generations of non-mainstream spiritual practitioners, one donation at a time.

So, if every single person reading this would share just a little (or a lot!), we would make history.  And it’s super easy! Just click here!

Every penny is useful and deeply appreciated.  Please consider donating what you can, and make this my happiest birthday ever!