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Mercury Retrograde Alert

Tonight at 10:16pm (Eastern US time), the planet Mercury goes retrograde until August 8.

If you’ve already been feeling it, it’s no surprise. Many astrologers agree that the “shadow” period just before and after the actual retro period, is actually the most chaotic.  Like when we shift from forward to reverse in a car, the most disruption, and potential for error, happens while we change gears.

And of course, yesterday’s Uranus reversal, which is connected to Mercury as its “higher octave” has probably added to the muddle.

So, what is Mercury retrograde all about?

Three times a year, Mercury, the planet that influences communication, travel, technology and commerce, appears to back up in its orbit. Of course, it doesn’t really – it only appears to, from our point of view here on Earth.

StarIQ astrologer Ralfee Finn gives us some pointers. “Here’s the retrograde drill: don’t install new software, try to avoid making travel plans, avoid expecting anything related to communication to go smoothly, and do your best to review what’s already in motion rather than starting anything new.”

She continues, “The erratic frequency of the next several weeks could strain nervous systems, so do whatever it is you do to soothe your heart and soul. And above all, try to be kind to your fellow travelers.”

She also warns that Uranus turning retro yesterday can compound the usual problems, so be prepared to encounter extra frustrations, especially with technology and communication.

While it’s tempting to blame Mercury retrograde for everything that goes wrong everywhere, this is really not the case.

Yes, it’s true that anything you start now is likely to take a much longer time to gain momentum. And due to the increased probability of miscommunication, this is a poor time to sign a contract or send emails you wouldn’t want your boss to see.

But Mercury retrograde does serve a positive purpose. It is a time to review, reflect, reconsider, and revise what’s already in motion because as Mercury retraces its path, it allows us to do the same.

Here’s what Elisabeth Grace has to say:

Mercury retrograde gets such a bad rap because we are geared, in this crazy modern age, to always be thinking, doing, moving FORWARD. Ya know what that gets you? BURN OUT.

We need our down times, and Mercury retrogrades are a perfect time to sloooooooow down. We see this reflected in the curious increase in gizmo crashes (computers and phones), communication and transportation delays and other snafus. We may also find ourselves having to repeat what we’ve just said, running into people we haven’t seen in years and having to repeat what we’ve just said.

Getting through Mercury retrograde periods requires FOCUS and PATIENCE. During this time, avoid signing contracts, double check details a zillion times, avoid making major purchases (especially mechanical ones) and don’t believe everything you see in the headlines. With Mercury retrograde, chances are high that there’s more to the story. Gossip is to be avoided, too.

Do plan on RElaxing, REviewing, REsearching, REorganizing, REgenerating, REconnecting and REcreating.

Clean out those closets. Organize those files. Get back in touch with people. Turn off your cell phone — or your computer — for a while. Take a trip — yes, really — or any break from your normal routine. Is that why we so often see people going on strike during Mercury retrograde? When in doubt, practice the art of SILENCE.

This Mercury retrograde kicks off at 12 degrees of Leo…In Leo, Mercury retrograde suggests REviewing or REconnecting with our sense of play, passion and noble honor. Potential pitfalls are stubborn pride and/or delusions of grandeur. Watch the headlines.”

I agree.

And I hope you will join me in taking some time off, maybe unplug for a while, play with crazy, new possibilities (as The Fool card for this week has suggested), and embrace this cosmic permission to stop pushing what won’t budge.

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  • July 14, 2012, 7:19 pm Kit

    Grazie, Beth, for the reminder. I had forgotten it was coming up, and could not understand why I couldn’t get a thing done yesterday, or today. Guess I better REconsider what needs to get done. (Being a Gemini seems to intensify the Mercury effect.)