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Tarot Card of the Week: June 11-17, 2012: The Lovers

At any moment we have the opportunity of choosing love or fear.
~  Louise Hay

Back for an encore appearance, having just visited in March, and providing even more angelic guidance in addition to last week’s card, The Lovers clearly has an important message for us in these pivotal times.

On the surface, The Lovers is often assumed to point to matters regarding our romantic love relationships. And often, it does. But this important card of the Major Arcana is more precisely about how our true nature is revealed by the choices we make.

In fact, in some decks, such as the Tarot of Marseilles, The Lovers depicts a man standing between two women, evidently deciding whether he will succumb to darker temptations, or choose a more respectable (but perhaps less spicy) relationship.

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, there is no dark temptress, but a more mystical scene, suggesting the choice made in the Garden of Eden. The woman gazes heavenward, the snake and the tree behind her; the man looks to the woman.

Presiding over this tableau is an angel, sometimes identified as Raphael, but (based on what we know of the Order of the Golden Dawn’s rituals), it is probably the solar fire angel, Michael.

Thus, the R-W-S deck broadens the message of The Lovers to be, not only choices about a particular relationship or social situation, but how, who, and why we love.

Of course, the debate rages on as to whether same-sex couples should be officially sanctioned in marriage by the laws of the land. Astrologer Cynthia Novak puts this into the context of Venus’ current retrograde:

Everyone who has an emotional response to [this] topic is in the midst of torment. Either at the thought of change or fear that it won’t change. It certainly looks as if change is in process now but with the powerful karmic aspects this will take, at least this summer and the long term, results are rich with change.

The aspects: Venus retrograde triggered by Mars and ultimately back and forth over the eclipse path this summer. That retrograde suggests we will talk about this again and again. But the transits on the eclipse path suggest that the definition of marriage is about to expand, complete with labor pains and plenty of groaning, later followed by rejoicing.

Let us hope so.

As another outstanding astrologer, Lynn Hayes, has noted about the same-sex debate, “It seems to me that if people are so concerned about the sanctity of marriage, the first thing to be outlawed should be divorce. This is really less about marriage and more about the perceived ‘wrongness;’ of homosexuality.”

And therein lies the truth, for The Lovers reminds us to take a look at why and how we make our choices. Are they rooted in our fears, or our love? If these arguments were truly conducted in the spirit of love, the logical outcome is unavoidable: Love is love. Love is sacred, a gift. Let our society stand for love — support it in all its forms, as long as it is between consenting adults.

With the Venus retrograde possibly triggering tensions and second thoughts about our own personal relationships of all sorts, The Lovers offers guidance by asking us to look at whether these partnerships resonate with our “highest and best.”

Can what (or who) we love stand the light of day, and full disclosure? When all is revealed, is this connection truly blessed?

This week, as you encounter important choices, or make decisions about the relationships in your life, ask if these situations enable you to be vulnerable, open, and completely yourself. Is this also true for all parties concerned?

If your answers are truly affirmative, then trust that the blessings of angels shall be with you.

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  • June 12, 2012, 7:52 am Maria

    Excellent essay containing very timely advice for me! Especially since I am looking for a job and a few people are telling me that the best thing I can do to be successful is change everything about myself.

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