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Tarot Card of the Week: May 28-June 3, 2012 – Page of Pentacles

Begin to recognize prosperity everywhere, and rejoice in it.
  ~ Louise Hay

In a world of roller-coaster economic news and the astrological intensity of next week’s momentous eclipse, Venus transit, and more, we are visited by our first Pentacles suit card since before Spring Equinox. Welcome to the Page of Pentacles!

The Pages in the Tarot are often messengers, or catalysts for change. They may indicate important dealings with a literal child (male or female), our own inner child, or simply a new, “beginner’s mind” perspective. They also can indicate taking risks.

But with earthy Pentacles being such a slow and steady force, risk-taking in this suit is more about new directions and manifesting, than recklessness or impulsiveness. We should therefore be on the lookout for important news about money, land, investments, and jobs.

This is also a good time for improving and expanding our physical well-being, perhaps with a new health regimen, or by finding new ways to celebrate our relationship to the natural world.

As our blog friend Hare in the Moon astrologer Lorna Bevan notes, this week is going to be a busy astrological time, with lots of Gemini and Neptune buzz. We are also at the halfway point between last week’s Solar eclipse and the Lunar eclipse coming next Monday. In what ways might this Page be reminding us to slow down and be grounded?

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, we see a grove of trees, a newly plowed field, and the Page standing in a meadow of flowers. It would seem that he is in transition, in a period of possibilities.

In the distance the lofty peaks beckon, yet for now, the Page is focused only on his Pentacle coin, which is almost floating in his hands. Is the coin simply the same color as the sky background, or is it instead transparent?

Certainly the global economic woes that continue to cause so much suffering can be traced back to a lack of transparency and honesty from those to whom we have entrusted our treasure. It is time for those who command the global economies to hold the wealth as this Page does — gently, thoughtfully, and with a focus on the long-term.

With Pluto in Capricorn continuing to grind away at our very definition of wealth and money, the Page reminds us to see with clarity what our real, sustainable assets are.

What do you consider to be your most important resources?   Take inventory of what supports you, and how that can be invested to bring long-term gains.  What goals around work, finances, health, and home are important for you, in this season of growth?

The Page of Pentacles heralds possibilities and a fresh new approach.  Drawing upon the Pentacles’ steadfastness and stamina, it is time for us to claim the stewardship of our rightful prosperity. He invites us to know and wield with careful consideration the power of our wealth.

And where is that wealth?

It is everywhere around us, if we would but recognize and rejoice in it.

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  • May 28, 2012, 1:46 pm Lorna Bevan

    Hi Beth,thanks for the mention.You can also link to Hare in the Moon Astrology on Facebook where I post daily.The resonance with the Page of Pentacles and the coin floating in his hands is the current sextile of Jupiter in Taurus (earth,value and the material)to Neptune(ephemeral,illusory and mystifying).How I love all these esoteric correspondences!

  • May 28, 2012, 2:07 pm Sandra

    A time to claim our Rightful,I feel one of the key notes in this posting, prosperity. I have just started a small home based business….needeless to say it is very usnstale . This really helped a lot as always. Sandra

  • May 29, 2012, 7:59 am Maria

    I’ve started to do exactly what you mentioned: taking stock of my attitude toward work and wealth. Mostly, I’m hoping that I didn’t come all this way to go back to the same sort of drudgery I was doing before — because if it didn’t “fit” then, it sure won’t now!