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Saturday Inspiration: Plant Medicine Sutra

As you know, on weekends, I like to step aside and instead welcome the voices and art of other visionaries.  For many years, I have loved this piece, and I share it in my Herbal Magick and my Plant Allies classes. I hope it will inspire you to see our Green Guardians with new eyes and a receptive heart. Blessed be.~ B.

Medicine Sutra

by Robert Schrei

Thus I have heard.

That night the bodhisattva awoke and found herself surrounded by vines, branches, flowers, roots, sap, essence of the plant world, and the wildness of nature, all supplicating her for a teaching…

The bodhisattva spoke:

“It is you, not I who needs to speak; it is you, it is your voice that is needed to awaken the self-centered human species to the vast web of life and love and awareness that is the intimate birthright of us all.

“Your sap, your juices, your fibers, your chemistry. We ask that all of you speak through and to our species, blood and bone, in a language that is unmistakable, unfettered by the intellect we have come to value so highly.

“Speak to us of our interconnectedness, teach us how to hold each other in love, teach us how to experience our own primal essence, true nature, teach us how to know the essence of each sentient being, trees, grasses, rocks, mountains, stars, clouds, animals, insects, spirits, other realms of existence.

“We have lost our connection and wander here and there without center, unaware of the web that you sustain…

“Teach us how to enter the stream, the stream of vows, the stream of wishes, the stream of the hearts and minds of our ancestors…

“We bow before you and ask your blessings.”