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Last of the Month and Some Changes

First some bloggy housekeeping…

For my friends who have so wonderfully been joining the flock via “Networked Blogs” on Facebook.. It has come to my attention that NB has given some other users (not mine.. yet!) problems, and honestly, I have never been that thrilled with it.

So I am going to delete it later today.

Have no fear, though!

You can still easily (and maybe even more reliably) keep up-to-date on my posts!

I hope you’ve bookmarked me, naturally.

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Thank you ALL for your fabulous, ongoing support and inspiration!  I love thinking of you as you come and visit, and I want to make sure it’s easy and comfy to do so!

That said… of course you know..

Today is the last day of the month, and so it is sacred to Hecate.

In modern Goddess traditions, Hecate is widely known as the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess. But historically, She was also recognized as the beautiful (but formidable) Maiden, as well as a fierce Mother protector of children and women, particularly women in childbirth. Usually classified as a Moon Goddess, Her realms are three-fold: the Earth, Sea, and Sky.

She is known as the Goddess of Witches and of magic, the dark of the Moon, and the depths of the underworld. Hecate walks along the roadways and counsels those at the crossroads.

Of all the Greek Goddesses, Hecate alone could grant or refuse anything asked by mortals. She is the Queen of the Night, and those who seek Her protection can move safely in the darkness. Hers is the voice of wisdom, divination and dreams.

Be aware that, if invoked, She is likely to respond, and is not dismissed easily. She may require you to meet uncomfortable challenges in Her service, for She often asks us to let go of what is familiar, safe, and secure, to travel to the more difficult places of the soul. Yet this may hold the key to important growth and wisdom for you.

Blessings to Hecate! Farewell to May.