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Homework for the Eclipse

As you may know by now, on weekends (except for Goddess Sundays), I like to step back and share the visions of other creators, artists, and agents of the awakening.  This is from one of my very favorite visionaries, who is all three.

On the threshold of deep change that many expect may be triggered by tomorrow’s Solar eclipse, I share with you the words and poetry of Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

May it open our hearts. May we dare to see, understand, and heal the suffering that is created when we fail to recognize and protect the Presence of Love.  Blessed be. ~ Beth

Dear Brave Souls:

Love ought not be measured, rather, protected.

Sometimes I find one sentence ‘intelligence’ coming through my dreams. Long ago, I not just liked, but learned from this one, for it washed the smudged windows so I could see with clarity, why certain matters in life may not have worked well… for they were missing at least one critical component:

This is what I dreamt in a ‘disembodied voice dream:’ “We protect what we love.”

I thought back as I walked outdoors later … where were certain protections missing whilst love was presumably present — at least with others saying they loved?

What was missing in those ‘love relationships’ regarding either a vulnerable child or other persons in life, other events, other dedications to earth, sky, water, creatures, humans, in life.

This idea of measuring the love spoken overland, by weighing the degree of useful protections flowering upward from the roots of Care underground, was something I think about still.

I’ve often wondered, ‘why didn’t x love y?” So many reasons: fate, destiny, lack of, excess, no choice, choice. And I can see in most cases, it may not exactly have been loving that was at issue.

But, the protecting of that love, protecting not only whom or what one loved…. but protecting the Being of Love, a Being in its own right in every relationship. The third in a relationship of two, a Being of Bright Light that has to be nourished and protected too by both– again, both persons, both sides, both ends–who say they love.

This is not a fatuous ‘being in love with love.’ It is caring for and protecting the Spirit that has come to live with two or more who are learning Love. It is a Presence that is larger than ego alone. One which measures and helps not just from the mundane facts, but also in the eternal light of Soul.

It seemed too odd at the time I dreamed “We protect what we truly love” — that our culture almost never spoke of this, the care of Love Itself, the ultimate protector of loving land, earth, sky, creatures, humans. Love as a force, as a Being in its own right.

So I developed the work regarding human beings loving human beings in a spoken word work, “How to Love A Woman” audio. To speak about the Soul’s place in relationship.

“We protect what we truly love.” Tired or not, grumpy or not, ‘full speed in love’ or only idling the engine, we bend to nourish and protect the Being we know as the massive force of Love…


I asked Creator
Do you see everything
here on earth?
All our hatreds
and petty claims,
all our violence,
our kidding ourselves,
our claims of being
oh so good
while denigrating others?
Do you see our hopes,
our dreams?
Do you see our secrets
and our shames?
Do you see our sins
and our evil thoughts?
Do you see our gifts,
our inspirations?

As Creator leaned near,
I saw a sparrow
flying to her nest
in a broken bay tree,
and too a leaf turned green
on a rotted fence post
right before my eyes,
and I saw a man
lead a starved
winter-furred horse
into a warm barn,
I saw a mother use her hand
to shield the little face
of her babe from the sun,
I saw a father crazed and running,
carrying the littlest child bouncing,
holding the hand of the other child,
the mother pregnant and
they all were running and running
across rough fields
toward any safety…
I saw an old woman
paying for the burial
of a man she did not know.
I saw a raft of birds
chasing and dive-bombing
a hawk away from their nest

I saw faith and love do
what ranting never could…

and Creator said:
You ask what I see…
I only see the gold shimmer
of Love rising up off the earth.
I see nothing but Love
given and received
rising up from the earth–
to water Heaven–
like a fine rain of gold…

that is then rained back down
into the true heart
of every form and every being
to be put to good use…
if and as they choose.

And with love to you and all you love,


 Meditation on The Love Being, and poem “TURNING POINT TOWARD AERIAL VIEW” from The Contemplari manuscript ©1975, 1989, by C. P. Estés, all rights reserved

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  • May 19, 2012, 8:15 am Ellen

    Magical Connections again

    I found a sister-friend in the same county through Owls Wings
    She introduced me to dr e and women who run with the wolves
    And now you feature some of dr e’s soul-touching/spirit-healing words an on a day I really needed the message

    Thank you Beth

  • May 19, 2012, 8:23 am Beth

    Oh, that is truly divine! Thank you for letting me know, Ellen! May your journeys together be blessed!

  • May 19, 2012, 8:33 am Debbie Necessary-Gibson

    Divine connections, indeed! : )

  • May 20, 2012, 3:09 am Athena Noctua

    Love the creator poem! It was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting. .