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Happy Birthday, Gemini!

For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.
~ John F. Kennedy – Sun and Venus in Gemini

Today, the Sun entered Gemini, sign of the Twins.

Generally, people born under this sign are Jacks-of-all-trades. They’re trivia experts who keep an amazing amount of information about the strangest things in their brains. They are wonderful with words and scary-smart! They are true eclectics, following the creed that says, “The eclectic only steals from the very best.”

Geminis generally go with the flow and are very flexible with whatever is happening around them. However, this adaptability and their innate curiosity about, well, everything, can make it sometimes challenging for them to stay focused and see things through to completion.

Easily jumping from one subject to another, Geminis can forget that others are not so nimble. They often have to be reminded to slow down and let others catch up with what they’re talking about. They also have to be reminded to stop talking once in a while and listen.

You will probably notice that your Gemini friends are the networkers in your communities. But Gemini needs to watch out for a tendency to be gossipy and in everybody’s business. Their intentions are rarely malicious, though, and their ebullient personalities will eventually charm everyone’s forgiveness.

Telepathy comes naturally to a Gemini. They love to blog, Tweet, write and communicate their magical experiences, and they are born poets. They’re also the ones who are constantly on their smart phone and checking in on email.

They simply love to be connected, and are usually technology whiz kids. You can almost bet that the friend of yours who is always the first one to snap up the cutting edge communications gadgets and toys is a Gemini.

For all of us, when the Sun is in Gemini

It’s a great time to get out, travel, learn new things, exercise your curiosity, and re-connect with friends for some long, juicy catching up. Face-to-face, please, not online chatting, although as I mentioned, Gemini’s influence loves technology. So go ahead if you must Skype or use your FaceTime.

Speaking of which, this could be a great time to upgrade your communications tools and other tech gear. Spruce up your website, and expect the pace to pick up, as you learn the importance of graceful multi-tasking.

Influenced by Mercury, who rules Gemini, the next thirty days are especially favorable for learning and studies of all kinds. This is one contributing reason why, for many centuries, Spring final exams have been held in late May and early June in Western countries. This time favors communications, and all enterprises that are opportunistic and flexible in nature.

Remember that Gemini is super-sociable, so throw a little shindig and gather with friends. Plus, Gemini is the sign of the Twins, so the emphasis can also be on family, especially siblings.

Expand your skills, meet new people, and have stimulating conversations. Inspiring ideas and fresh perspectives are abundant; enjoy the adventure of exploring!