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Blessings of the Taurus New Moon

This morning, I am racing around, gathering up the goodies for my workshop in Raleigh later today,  Reading for Others: How to Share and Serve with the Tarot. (By the way, there are still some seats available if you have taken either or both of my previous Tarot classes. Just come to the store and sign up – they open at 10, and the class starts at 1).

So I am offering this from my good friend, astrologer Lynn Hayes, regarding the juicy, powerful potential behind this new lunation. I am also adding some insight from the divine Rhea WolfMay your rites be blessed.

April 2012 Taurus New Moon

by Lynn Hayes

The Sun entered Taurus on the 19th and seeks comfort and pleasure in the simple and the safe, especially at the Taurus New Moon when the solar conscious principle aligns with the lunar instincts in the sign of Earthly experience and stability.

The New Moon is the initiation of the new lunar cycle, and after a month of working through imbalances in our personal lives and unearthing Plutonian treasures and being exhausted by Martian passion, this Taurus New Moon will provide a resting place within which to find harmony and serenity.

The New Moon is in a harmonious trine to Mars which helps to activate our inner desires and inspire us to take the kind of action that will facilitate our growth.

Venus, the lunar ruler, makes no major aspects and is thus enabled to operate free from constriction and restraint. This is a beautiful time of retreat and enjoyment of the simpler things that bring simple pleasure into the human life.

Mercury is within a day of its final conjunction to Uranus, so the mind is stimulated and ready to embrace new ideas and ways of thinking although with the strong Earth influence in the New Moon chart any action will be slow to unfold. Uranus is getting ever closer to the exact square to Pluto, though, so there is a hint and an echo of the revolutionary excitement that is just around the corner.

Mercury is the translator here between Uranus and Pluto, since Mercury conjoins Uranus on the 22nd and then squares Pluto on the 25th.

We can make the argument that the Uranus/Pluto conjunction will really begin with this event as Mercury brings the two dramatic forces of liberation (Uranus) and total transformation (Pluto) to the battlefield.

The brilliant priestess and astrologer, Rhea Wolf, adds these suggestions for making the most of this magical time:

New Moon Intentions
Taurus: Invoking Stability
April 21, 12:18 AM PDT, 1-2 degrees Taurus

Taurus is the sign of the bull, and is cautious, slow and strong by nature. A New Moon in Taurus invites us into our senses, exploring the pleasures of the body and the beauty of the living Earth.

Use the energy of this New Moon on April 21st to call in abundance and the energy of stability into your life. What are the areas of your life that could use a dose of determination and perseverance? Is it time to let go of old habits and find new ways of creating health, happiness, and wellness in your life?

Intentions for this New Moon:

  • Cultivating sustainability in your life
  • Creating stability
  • Focusing on gardens and food production
  • Issues or healing for animals and pets
  • Cultivating a healthy body image
  • Inviting more sensual pleasure into your life
  • Stepping out of emotional and physical ruts (depression, inactivity, over-indulgence)
  • Material and financial security – inviting it in or letting go of fear
  • Letting go of control issues and stubbornness
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