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Blessings of the Full Moon in Libra

talkative full moon
makes language unnecessary
for the restless night
~ Raju Samal

Welcome to Our Full, Beloved Bella Luna!

Welcome to the April Full Moon, also known variously as the Pink Moon, the Planter’s Moon, the Flower Moon, the Wildcat Moon, the Seed Moon, the Growing Moon, the Full Fish Moon, the Egg Moon, the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, and probably lots more!

With the Sun in Aries, the Full Moon is naturally on the opposite side of the zodiac, and therefore in Libra.  There is lots of complex astro energy happening on this Moon, including, as my friend Lynn Hayes has pointed out, Mercury having changed gears, going from reverse to direct only the day before yesterday, and Pluto preparing to switch to retrograde on Tuesday.

Here are her insightful recommendations for finding the harmonious balance during this magical Full Moon.  ~ Beth

The Libra Full Moon

by Lynn Hayes

The Full Moon on April 6th balances the individuality and self-motivation of the Aries Sun with the Libran urge for peace and balance. At the Full Moon the conscious solar influence (Aries) is opposite the instinctive lunar and more personal needs (Libra), and like any opposition, a balance between the two is required.

The lunar ruler here is Venus, and with Venus in chatty Gemini you can be sure that a conversation will be required. Venus is still in range of the square to Neptune, so things may not be exactly as they seem, and Venus is approaching a square to irritating Mars which suggests that personal conflicts could occur.

Mars is the solar ruler in this Full Moon since Mars rules the sign of Aries, and when the lunar ruler is in a hard aspect to the solar ruler in the chart of a Full Moon we know that this is going to be very significant.

The urge of Venus and Libra to find balance and harmony in interpersonal relationships sometimes comes at the cost of our individual needs as represented by Mars and Aries.

The urge of Mars and Aries to assert ourselves independently of others often comes at the cost of personal relationships as represented by Venus and Libra. Balancing our own needs (Mars/Aries) with the needs of others (Venus/Libra) is the key to any healthy relationship and this is the theme of this Full Moon.

There is the potential for self-delusion here, not only with the Venus/Neptune square but also with Mercury in Pisces which prefers to take the high road and avoid any kind of confrontation, even when necessary. And Mars is moving into an opposition to Neptune where its aggression can become more passive and more difficult to express directly.

All of these factors will need to be seamlessly integrated in order to be effective during the Full Moon. Observe your relationships to see where personal needs are out of balance with relationship needs.

See where you might be blind to the reality of a situation, and where you need to step up to the plate and assert yourself more clearly. Or if you are more the Arien type, perhaps you are the one who is ignoring the needs of others.

This is the time to find that balance and improve all relationships.

Thanks, Lynn!
May harmony prevail, and our rites be blessed!

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