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An Earth Psalm for this Last Day of March

Psalm 111

from from Earth Psalms
by Angela Magara

Praise to Creation.
Gratitude flows out of my mouth to dance with
Songs of the trees.
This world overwhelms me with beauty,
Here balance sings in my blood.
All who have joy in pleasure love the Earth,
all her folds, all her ridges, all the scars,
all destroyed and all that is renewed.
Wonderful pain of knowing
Deep soul seen in my Mirror
Echoes whose ring shivers the flesh.

Praise to Creation.
I am taught compassion –
Understand generosity in the midst.
Plants and beasts live diligent focus before me.
Power shimmers within everything.

My place, our place, calls within the web.
Within this heart, this body, this mind, this spirit,
Set as a jewel I am.
Wisdom opens from many doors
But understanding follows commitment.
Creation sings with knowledge
For all to hear.


And of course, it is the last day of the month, and therefore blessed to the Great Triple Goddess Hecate.  May She guide us well at all the crossroads of our lives.  Blessed be.

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  • March 31, 2012, 12:53 pm Maria

    Hi Beth, that Psalm was lovely, thank you for sharing it. I’m at a crossroads on this last day of March, but a GOOD crossroads. Do I dare to believe that I can create a life that is much happier and more fullfilling than the one I had before or am I going to run back to the known? I think I’ll dare. 🙂