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Save Our Internet. Really.

Maybe you’ve already heard about this.. Maybe you don’t think it’s that important, or people are exaggerating.

But it is true.  The access to the Internet that we love and take for granted is threatened in ways absolutely unprecedented.  Your urgent action is needed.

PROTECT-IP is yet another bill whose name makes it sound like a good thing, but it is actually doing the opposite and creating a setup for destroying the freedom of the Internet as we have enjoyed it.

This is a bill that has been introduced in the Senate and the House and is moving quickly through Congress. It gives the government the ability to censor the net, in the name of protecting “creativity.”  The law would let corporate interests shut down entire sites — they just have to convince a judge that the site is “dedicated to copyright infringement.”

The U.S. government has already wrongly shut down sites without any recourse or due process for the site owner. Under this bill, sharing a video with anything copyrighted in it (like whistling a pop song), or doing what sites like YouTube and Twitter do, would be considered illegal behavior.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, this bill would cost us $47 million tax dollars a year — for a fix that won’t even work, which disrupts the Internet, stifles innovation, shuts out diverse voices, and censors the Internet. This bill is bad for creativity and does not protect your rights.

Find out more.  And please hurry. This thing is poised to fly through as early as NEXT WEDNESDAY, the 18th!

Call your Senator.  We have got to stop this, or else the government, giant media, and corporate interests will basically, and exclusively, own and control our access.  Find out more by clicking here or here:

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future.

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  • January 14, 2012, 9:31 pm Faith

    This will have to be taken on faith because I cannot reveal the source. I have been working on this Internet issue for over a year. Evidence has been gathered that strongly suggests our government is considering launching a hacking event that will appear to either compromise our national security or gain access to an untold number of personal financial data. The presumption here is to produce a CONCRETE event, substantial enough to rally the American voters behind a bill to regulate the Internet.

  • January 14, 2012, 10:24 pm mel

    first time to hear this. how awful. and if they agree to it, other countries will agree to it too.

  • January 15, 2012, 9:22 am Beth

    Yes, my fear is that this is a crucial step in a carefully orchestrated movement we’ve already been seeing that is intent on shutting down our free access to one another, while also quietly removing our civil liberties.

    There is already a huge push to give the Executive branch sweeping powers to “kill” the Internet.