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Tarot Card of the Week – November 7-13, 2011: The World

I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume, you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.
~ Walt Whitman

After the wonderful gift of The Sun last week, we receive a card that we haven’t seen since before the American presidential election, when “hope” was the slogan (remember “hope?”) and before the full brunt of the Pluto-in-Capricorn Great Recession struck. This week, we welcome The World.

Much has changed in those intervening years. But where change has not occurred, we see increasingly perilous domestic and geopolitical tensions. At home and abroad, the people demand sweeping reforms. Yet, corruption persists, special interests tighten their grip and deepen their threats. Ongoing war haunts us and the spectre of global economic collapse draws ever closer.

Yet despite all that, or perhaps because of it, The World comes dancing.

This is one of the happiest cards in the Tarot, for it symbolizes the ultimate completion, nothing less that the reconciliation of duality, form and spirit, matter and desire.

Here is Shiva/Pavarti – the World Dancer, the life force celebrating itself in perfect balance, acceptance; the Alpha and Omega of All. She is the High Priestess and Magician combined. She is male and female; she is art combined with magic. She is the Tree of Life, surrounded by angel, eagle, bull and lion. The World is the potential, the physical manifestation, and the completion of all possibilities.

The heavily hyped 11-11-11 occurs this week. What will happen on this magical date?

No one can know, for certainly the modern Western calendar has been arbitrary and inconsistent over the centuries. But the prayerful and magical intentions of unknown thousands harnessing this date and time as an anchor of power are nothing to underestimate.

This week also brings us the annual gift of the Full Moon in Taurus. Judy Joyce tells us, “The Full Moon in Taurus will bring all of us a deeper awareness of what we value in life. Be thankful, count your blessings and clarify your priorities. We may get a preview of how the ‘radical social restructuring’ will unfold in the years ahead during the days around this Full Moon.”

She admonishes us to, “Notice what is going on out in the world. Pay attention to your intuition. (Full Moon square Uranus/Pluto midpoint.) Note: This Full Moon has some interesting connections to President Obama’s chart and to the US chart. Something important could happen or could be announced between Nov 9 to 11 that will be significant.”

And The World card would agree, for the energy of it is profound. It is the summation of all, indicating that there is a great completion that is occurring, the ending of a huge cycle.

And with that ending, we may glimpse the enormous understanding of why things have had to be as they have.

On a personal basis, in what ways can The World help you find important balance within all the complexity and even ambiguity that has surrounded an important issue for you? In what ways do you need to see, not only the end of the story, but the “why” of it?

Here is the Creatrix, The Source, the Foundation from which we have come, to which we shall return and of which we have always been a part.  How are you now invited to awaken and discover that you are the eyes of the world?

Embrace and celebrate this powerful gift, my dear friends. Look about you and see what it is time to complete forever.  Yet at the same time, what has been lost may now be reunited in love.

Before you start the next Big Thing, honor what has been achieved. Reveal without shame, but with joy, exactly who you are, for you are interconnected to All.

Spend time considering how you fit into the Circle of Life that is the great, living, whole entity we call The World. How would you like to heal and enhance this dance with Her?

We arrive at a most pivotal moment; we ourselves bring about and are The Great Turning. The World is, truly, in our hands.

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  • November 7, 2011, 3:13 pm Acquafortis

    Strange. I got that card 24h ago on my android application. It was inverse and part of a 3 card answer.

  • November 7, 2011, 4:37 pm mel

    Last week was full of confusion and deceit. yet I stay hopeful and happy with the support of honest people. The Sun card really spoke for how I felt within.
    This week I will do my best to face the same challenges. if the World card signifies completion and full moon signifies ending, it might be the end of confusion and deceit in this particular matter, or I might just back off, they will get back what they send out. Nov 11 is when the meeting will take place, I wonder how this energy will influence everyone that day? Also the full moon will occur in my 7th house, emotions will be high in my dealings with others. well I’ll hope for the best. every party has to end someday.

  • November 8, 2011, 6:38 am Beth

    Wow.. sounds pretty challenging, Mel! Here is a link to a sound meditation that is in preparation for 11-11-11, if you’d like to download it.. It is from “the Hathors,” who are beings from other dimensions that sound shaman Tom Kenyon has been in contact with. Yes, sounds kind of out there, but I actually love some of their messages and Tom’s magic with healing sounds is amazing.

    The idea is to listen to the pituitary attunement in preparation, then come back on Nov. 11 when the Hathors will be “live.” At least that’s my understanding of how this will work.

  • November 8, 2011, 10:07 am Maria

    Wonderful post! I think I’ve been thinking so much about moving ahead, getting going, and not enough about closing the previous chapter. Wanting to move on to the next thing and not absorbing the lessons I’ve already had. Thanks for the reminder!

  • November 9, 2011, 10:31 am mel

    Beth thank you so much 🙂 No it doesn’t sound strange or anything. Shamans all over the world can hold any of these roles: healers, chanellers, astrologers, soul retrievers, spiritual leaders, educators, animal/spirit communicators, keepers of ancient knowledge and so on from what I gather. There is a bit of shaman in all of us that needs to wake up 🙂
    The Hathors, not sure, but probably worshipping Hathor, Egyptian deity. Again, thank you so much for the link and your insight 🙂