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Polls Are Now Open!

What may be done at any time will be done at no time.
~ Scottish Proverb

Okay, here goes…

I have somehow gotten talked into joining my heart sister, Joanna Powell Colbert and the awesome Elaine Nichols, for a 30 day challenge to write an e-book.

This is something I’ve been meaning to do, procrastinating about, fiddling around, wondering over, and, yes, also getting lots of urging from you, my visitors.  As in, “Beth – you really ought to put this stuff together in a book!”

Okay, so now, I will (Eeeek!)…

But I really, really need your help!  First, I am making this a public “thing” because I know I need the support.  Part of me is thinking this is insane.. I am crazy busy and I don’t have time, yadda-yadda-yadda.  But if not now, when?

I know very well I could continue to procrastinate forever, but as the outdoor sign at one of our local churches says (don’t you just love those sometimes?): “When it comes to the things we care about, we don’t find time, we make time.”

So, I will be updating you regularly, to let you know how it’s going.  For the next 30 days, I invite you to follow my progress as my Muses shower me in flower petals and brilliantly flowing prose.. or else as I pull my hair out and thump my forehead repeatedly in despair on my desktop.

The most immediate way I need your help, dear visitors, as in RIGHT NOW, TODAY AND TOMORROW, is that I need to decide what it’s going to be about.

(Hint: this has been my number one procrastination stumbling block.)

So.. polls are now open!  I would love to know what you’d like to see all wrapped up in a nice, easy-to-read-all-at-once e-book from me.

I am thinking mainly along the lines of consolidating one of the many big topics I’ve tackled in these blog posts I’ve been writing nearly every single day for the past eight years.

Some of the topics I’ve gotten the most feedback (and steady nudging) on have included:

  • Money Magic: My several-month-long discussion of money: its origins, its meaning, its history and its magic.
  • Beth Owl’s Daughter Guide to the Tarot:  consolidated from all my Tarot Card of the Week posts.
  • A Year and a Day with the Elements: The year I spent discussing magical tools and things to do with Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
  • The Magical Year: A Guide to the Sabbats and the Esbats of the Craft
  • A Year of Grace: Our year and a day of working with the Graces
  • Your Tarot Profile: Working with Soul Cards, Personality Cards and Teacher Cards, including the Tarot Year and my own herbal magic correspondences.
  • The Shining Ones: I have lots of posts about how we can heal our alliances and friendships with the Faeries over the last eight years.
  • The Dark Mother: I spent some time discussing the Black Madonna and other Goddesses of mystery and shadow a while back.  Would you be interested in seeing this all in one package?
  • Or else…  ?? What would YOU suggest?  Write-in votes are also most welcome!

Naturally, these would be edited, tightened up, and made to flow like a book, rather than posts! 😉

I am following a model that Joanna discovered, from CopyBlogger.  In this model, I have exactly TWO days to get your feedback and decide.

So please post, dear friends!  What shall I do?

If it goes well, this could set a trend, so maybe give me your 2nd choice, too. If I survive, I’ll likely do it again!

Deep breath! 

Here we go!

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  • November 3, 2011, 9:43 am Heather

    I think that the money book would do better if you’re looking to get published. I think there are a LOT of books out there right now on all of those subjects, but money is a hot topic right now….because most of us have less of it. Recently, I realised that I procrastinate my housework, because it’s so mundane and I hate it. Big shocker huh? LOL BUT, I also recognised that what needs to change, is more than just my attitude. I realised that I looked at cleaning as a neccisary evil…and I was trying to do it the way I’d always seen other people do it…. other people who also hated it. No wonder I wasn’t successful. So I thought about what it was I enjoy doing, and how those things….which also require time and a lot of hard work….differed from the dreaded cleaning. I realised that there was a magical element in the other things, that allowed for…. creativity….sensual stimulation…. and that I can incorporate some of these things into my housework. Maybe it means using “green” cleaning products with a nice smell, or making my own home cleansers with essential oils and such… maybe it’s doing a spiritual floor wash, rather than just “mr. Clean”…. maybe it’s smudging instead of spraying an air freshner…. but that if I can take the task, and make it MINE…. maybe I won’t hate it so much, and I’ll be more successful. So, what does this have to do with your book you ask? Just this…. we tend to look at money the same way. It’s a neccisary evil. Or so we seem to think…. but what if…. there is just some magical element missing from that too? I’ve never thought about money as being magical….nor do I know anything interesting or useful about the history of money. If your book could show me why money is magical, and how to use that magic to transform how I think about money and how I feel about money…., that could lead right into manifestation, and change my entire financial future. Now that’s interesting. Good Luck!

  • November 3, 2011, 11:52 am Rio

    My first vote is intuition, second…might be a year and a day. Sounds like fun. I hope this is the right place to vote?