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Tarot Card of the Week: September 5-11, 2011 – Five of Wands

The planet is finite: there is only so much land, oil, water, dolphins and gold. No matter how efficiently we use our resources, if there are more users competing for more stuff, we will eventually run out of goods.
~ Nate Hagens, Post Carbon Institute Board of Directors

Alas, after my upbeat message yesterday, the Five of Wands looks like discord and chaos may be in the cards for us this week.

In the week that begins with the Labor Day holiday in the U.S. and ends with the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America, it appears there is a lot going on, little of it helpful or harmonious.

For Labor Day, James Howard Kuntsler writes, “While everybody’s eating burgers today, or cleaning the mud out of their kitchen, or playing Resident Evil 5, Europe is on the brink of its own decisive moment. Nobody there can decide what to do about the debt-bomb and the fuse is sparking away. There are no solutions to the problem of the Euro Club, but the idea of no Euro Club is making a lot of Euro people kick and scream. Whatever happens there will affect us hugely, you may be sure.”

As you probably know, the Wands are about action, will, manifesting, creativity, and transformation. But the Fives are often about conflict and imbalance.

So we see five men on uneven ground, either in combat, or in a game of some sort, whacking away at one another with their staves.

Or perhaps they are trying to build something together. They’ve all brought their contributions and supplies, which are the logs they are waving around. They all seem equally matched, yet there is no leadership, plan or organizing principle. So they are flailing about in a rather dangerous manner.

Is this a snapshot of the European Union’s plight (which, make no mistake, is our plight, too)?

Or maybe it’s the American Congress, whose obstinate partisan warfare is jeopardizing the entire system, heedless of the real suffering their posturing and hubris are causing those they claim to serve.

In any case, it appears that in the Five of Wands, no one is willing to surrender in order to solidify the foundation; they all want to be on top.  As long as they refuse to cooperate and compromise, progress will never happen.

Astrologer Molly Cliborne notes that throughout September, Saturn is sextile the North Node, having an important effect on how we connect with people for common goals and work.

She writes, “Teamwork takes work, and this is one of those times when we can strengthen relationships and get folks on the same page. If it’s harmony you want, take responsibility for creating it. A tactful, diplomatic, and optimistic approach works better at this time than an outspoken, straightforward, and blunt one. A practical and centered approach works better than being idealistic and overly concerned with the ‘rightness’ of what other people think or do.”

This is good advice for the competitors in our card.  Will they be able to listen? Will we?

In addition, Mars is still moving through the sign of Cancer, continuing to shorten peoples’ fuses, especially around security issues, family and home.

So this week, be on the lookout for situations where people become belligerent over territorial matters. Things can easily devolve from brainstorming to arguing; from playfulness to anger, from friendly competition to chaos. Stay conscious and gentle, aware of your own impulses to be defensive.

When dealing with the groups that are important to you, make sure that each member realizes they are empowered. In what ways can others’ participation become a valued contribution for you, and not a drain of your attention and energy?

How do you need such support? How can you give it?

As long as everyone agrees to the rules and is enjoying it, a little friendly competition can be wholesome.

But if domination becomes the main focus, it can quickly turn to fighting and hurt.  Not only is the fun over, the results are far inferior to what they could have been.

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  • September 5, 2011, 1:02 pm mel

    a card of teamwork, interesting 🙂 just had a few backstabbers bailed out last week. but even that is a good thing. they were never part of the team anyway, might as well 🙂 thanks for insights!
    The team now consists of the right people, should be able to face what comes our way together 🙂

  • September 5, 2011, 6:55 pm Laurel Massé

    Hello Beth –
    This is a new way for me to look at a card that has previously been difficult to understand. I will be thinking about this a lot in the coming week (and beyond, I’m sure). Thank you very much for the clarity of your writing.
    Blessings, Laurel

  • September 6, 2011, 6:03 pm Acquafortis

    Absolutely. Believe it or not I just started working today, on becoming aware of my impulses that make me become defensive and then belligerent. Thank you!