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Not Wordless Wednesday – Because It’s Time For Honest Talk

On Wednesdays, as you know, I usually take a break from discussion and so on, instead often offering a quiet view of the natural wonders and beauty in our world.

But that beauty is besieged and decisions are being made at breakneck speed that threaten the very existence of some of those pretty subjects.

In a recent survey sent to me by the Democratic National Committee (which of course was really just a gussied-up solicitation for money), I was asked to rank eight or so issues facing our country, in order of importance.  Global climate change was noticeably missing.  Why?

(Believe me, I wrote it in, in fat red marker and sent it back. I told them they wouldn’t be getting a dime of my money until they put this issue front and center).

Of course on the other side of the aisle, of all the Republican presidential candidates, only Mitt Romney has admitted it exists at all, and that it might, maybe, have something to do with human activities. And, boy! Did he get pounded for it!

What is wrong with this picture?

Today is Climate Reality Day, a global consciousness raising event. It’s time to tell the truth, and save ourselves. Join us. Here’s more.

ps: Welcome to the Ninth House of the astrological chart, ruler of higher knowledge, integrating our experiences into wisdom, and global awareness (for starters). More to come!