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Leaving the Ninth House

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature.
~ Helen Keller

I  realize I haven’t spent as much time examining the ins and outs of the Houses this month.  And that’s too bad, in a way, because the Ninth House is so interesting and important.  But since I am not actually an astrologer, I am increasingly finding it more difficult to discuss the more complex houses in an educated way.

Yet it would be a disservice to this vitally important part of our chart to not at least offer some insight as to its purpose.  Ruled by Sagittarius, it has a naturally expansive, seeking energy.

In fact, astrologer Annabel Burton tells us, “The key word is ‘expansion’.”  She explains, “The Ninth House is associated with religion, philosophies and belief systems, as well as higher education as opposed to school education in the Third House.

“It is where we formulate our code for living, either through our own learning and experience or we can adopt our culture’s standards. Of course, this varies according to the different religons around the world and this house recognises the importance of different cultures and overseas travel.”

Astrologer Molly Hall agrees, noting that, being ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter it is, “The arena of higher education, seeking knowledge, traveling and exploring the world. Planets here show how we expand our field of experience, and integrate all we know into a philosophy of life. This sphere reflects personal vision quests, dreams, aspirations and how we search for higher wisdom.”

As in past months, Dana Gerhardt offers one of the most beautiful and deep interpretations.  I recommend that you visit here to read her entire article if you wish to. But I will include this lovely excerpt as we depart this rich, optimistic and powerful House:

“The 9th rules the literature of spirit, the metaphors, symbols and myths that bind a culture, its moral codes, its shared ideals and visions. No other house speaks so eloquently of the dignity and intelligence of the human spirit. The 9th is a decidedly human house. What other species builds temples and universities or courts of law?

“Perhaps what most distinguishes humankind from the animals is our capacity for abstract thought. We look for underlying patterns, the overarching laws of Nature. We try to master our fates, predicting and planning for the future—based on our experience of the past or what we can divine from portentous symbols. Animals live in the present. Through language and imagery, we humans travel in time, building on the foundations of past lessons, drawing new futures out of imagination’s pocket.

And as we depart this month, we also take a moment to give praise to blessed Goddess Hecate, because it is the last day of the month, and so belongs especially to Her.

Mighty Triple Goddess of the Crossroads, often most well-known in modern times in Her crone aspect, Hecate is the protector of women and children, the disenfranchised, and Goddess of Witches. She is an especially powerful champion for justice, especially for those with little worldly power or recognition.

So today as you consider leaving a supper for Her at a crossroads as is the custom, if you live in the New York metro area, you might in Her name offer a meal or other help to those who are standing for justice and fairness on the Wall Street protest lines.  And wherever you live, I hope you will invoke Her blessing as we all work for change, healing, and balance in a world sorely in need.

Blessings in the name of Hecate.

(And a special thank you to Lani for the link to that particularly great article about the protests! – B.)