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Two Views of the Moon

Blessings of the Full Aquarius Moon!

I am back from my retreat, but not quite back into the full swing of things! And besides, by now you know that on the weekends, I like to offer this as a place to showcase the views and voices of other artists, innovators and creators.  So I hope you will enjoy these interpretations of this beautiful Full Moon from two outstanding astrologers. May your rites be blessed!  ~ Beth

First, we are treated to this analysis from the wonderful Lynn Hayes:

The Full Moon this month will take place August 13th at 2:58 pm EDT/6:58 pm GMT.

The Full Moon is the culmination of the lunar cycle and the beginning of the waning phase of letting go. In Aquarius, the Full Moon seeks to achieve a pinnacle of social justice and fairness – an observation of the world in which ego, the realm of Leo, is no longer a part of the equation.

However, since the Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon, and any opposition requires balance and integration, it becomes more important to balance the Leo quality of a healthy sense of Self with the Aquarian quality of transpersonalization.

The love and beauty of Venus is tightly aligned in this Full Moon since she nearly exactly conjoins the Sun and showers her blessings on the event. However, that pesky alignment between Mars and the Uranus/Pluto square suggest that challenges lurk beneath the surface and must be attended to, rather like a party that takes place at the mouth of a dragon’s cave.

The conjunction between the Sun to Venus tightens over the next few days and the two remain within a few degrees of each other through the last week of August. The Sun represents the development of the individual Self, and just as the light of the Sun can overpower the radiance of Venus in the sky, the focus on Self in a Sun/Venus conjunction can obscure the yearning of Venus for harmony and connection with others.

The fact that Venus is in Leo (the sign associated with the Sun) at this time enhances the focus on Self and encourages the heart to open in new and more balanced ways than ever before.

Ideally under this influence we will find balance internally between self-orientation and connection, and this will be facilitated by a conjunction of Mercury to both Sun and Venus that helps to activate the mind and enhance communication.

On the 18th Mars forms a harmonious sextile to benevolent Jupiter which helps us to find expansion and good fortune. This is a great aspect to have when Mercury is retrograde, and should help to facilitate all aspects of messaging and transportation between the Full Moon and the 19th or so of August.

Then, this lovely view from the wise Rhea Wolf:

With the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 13th, the focus is on freedom, intellectual exchange, and humanitarianism. We may feel friendlier toward others and quicker to offer help out of a desire for mutual liberation. This is generally a less emotionally driven, more rational Full Moon, as we strive to put emotional reactions aside and work out our problems intellectually for the overall welfare of society.

The energy of the Aquarian Full Moon asks us to honor our own uniqueness as it relates to building more humane groups and better ways of organizing.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, the awakener, so the power of this Full Moon is definitely intense, breaking down barriers to our own growth and creating breakthroughs in consciousness. We may feel flooded with uplifting ideas and energy at this time, or feel fizzle-fried and isolated by the frenetic pace of our lives.

Our minds can create brilliant vision of the future or spin us into high anxiety and fear. Instead of fearing the future, we can take time to celebrate the communities we belong to and to revel in our unique gifts.

We have the chance here to see the big picture and to see how our individuality plays an important role in the shaping of the collective.

Do you let your specialness marginalize you from others? Where do you hold yourself back from collaboration? It may be time to shift some focus from the “I” to a bigger, more powerful “We.” Take a look at your hopes and fears for the future and prepare the way for the divine spark to manifest through you.