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Tarot Card of the Week – August 15-21, 2011: Three of Cups

We are not worse revolutionaries if we remember
that the universe itself pulses like a heart…
From Three of Cups by Marge Piercy

What a beautiful gift for us during this week as the Moon wanes, offering the ideal time to gather in our First Harvests.

The Tarot suit of Cups is concerned with love, friendship, dreams, and heart connections. And the Threes are the fertile result of making creative combinations, echoing the greatest three in the Major Arcana, The Empress.

Despite all the world’s fears about markets and money, plentifulness lies right at our feet, like the pumpkins and fruited vines these women dance among. We are invited to taste the wine of true abundance – that of heart connection and gratitude.

In the card’s interpretation by artist Pamela Colman (Pixie) Smith, these three women are none other than the Three Graces. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember that I dedicated all of 2008 to these important Goddesses.

Known as the Gratiae by the Romans (from which we derive our word, “gratitude”) and as the Kharites in Greek mythology, the attendance of the Graces, Aglaia (Splendor, Radiance), Euphrosyne (Festivity, Cheerfulness), and Thalia (Blooming, Flowering, Joy), brought the assurance of happiness and harmony.

Therefore, They were always the first Deities to be invoked at every important gathering. At every banquet, the ancient Greeks always offered Them a libation of the first cup of wine. This is what the saying of grace actually is.

How perfect for us to honor them at the First Harvest!

The Graces were classically depicted as three beautiful women, holding hands and dancing in a circle, crowned with and holding sprigs of myrtle, just as Pixie has drawn them here.

They are Goddesses of beauty, mirth, festivity, dance and song. They preside over the pleasures of life, including play, amusement, banqueting, floral decoration, happiness, rest and relaxation.

Sounds like a fine directive for the week ahead, doesn’t it?

They also represent the strength and sacredness of community, friendship, and the joyfulness we feel when we are a part of something larger than just ourselves alone.

And as such, I believe that the Tarot this week is showing us the most powerful message imaginable of how to heal our economic woes and the bitter strife that is poisoning all hope of peace, freedom and prosperity across our planet.

The old hierarchical, misogynist systems based on scarcity, bigotry, competition and domination not only have got to go, they are imploding already, and will destroy whoever chooses to hang on to them.

The only real solutions will be found in cooperation, sharing, fairness and love. The answer to a world of suffering and war is offered in the loving Cups held by these three Goddess of Gratitude. Aligning ourselves with Mama Gaia’s rhythms and natural cycles is the revolutionary act that brings healing and abundance.

This card is such a beautiful affirmation of love and friendship. What companions of your heart will you celebrate with? To whom will you offer the loving cup of honor?

Make time to connect with your dearest friends and favorite family members in the days ahead. Slow down and step away from the workaday world if you wish. Allow yourself a true holiday. Every day is Thanksgiving.

Building and strengthening a network of happiness is the source for a prosperous harvest and true wealth in a changing world.

Invite the Graces to all your gatherings and then raise a glass and be glad of your alliances with beloved people who understand and support you, as you do them.

Because love and friendship are life’s deepest, sweetest gifts, and the only good way forward.

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  • August 15, 2011, 4:12 pm Maria

    “Every day is Thanksgiving” — I love that! And I love that this card is showing up just before my BFF (that wonderful Leo) is arriving for a visit and her 90th birthday party this weekend!

  • August 15, 2011, 4:35 pm mel

    “Because love and friendship are life’s deepest, sweetest gifts, and the only good way forward.”
    no coincidence. my full moon intention was to release all relationships but to Self and friendships. very aquarian theme, individuality and friendships. everything has to start within, especially love. awesome card to start the week after full moon !

  • August 15, 2011, 6:40 pm Beth

    Wow! These are such terrific manifestations, Maria and Mel! Thank you SO much for sharing them.