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Earth Psalms: Psalm 49

Psalm 49

From Earth Psalms, by Angela Magara

Listen and hear, hear and listen,
All people, all people of the world.
All the rich, all the poor,
All those at war, and those who walk in peace.

A message I have, a song to sing at my harp.
All wealth gathered in a heap cannot buy one day of life.
They who celebrate wealth await disaster.
Riches cannot heal your child, nor mend your heart of pain.

The foolish die,
And as easily the wise.
The rich pass to lie in the same dirt as the homeless.

Neither the houses,
nor the wealth,
nor the children,
nor the country
Of anyone, no matter how powerful will last forever.
All passes into oblivion
Nothingness is the end of all.

But the moment of now,
the hand of a child,
the eye of the lonely,
the whispered call of the ancient.
All these are an invitation to forever.

Love given,
like ripples on the water,
Changes everything in time.

Love poured out
will quench the thirst for eternity.
Each drop sweetens in its flow.
It molds life like limestone
Until a canyon grander than the Grand
Is created.

Listen and hear, hear and listen
The music of love, Siren of forever,
Rises and beckons us to melt into eternity
And live forever.

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