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Tarot Card of the Week – August 1-7, 2011: Seven of Pentacles

All human wisdom is summed up in two words – wait and hope.
~ Alexandre Dumas Père

Blessings of Lughnasadh/Lammas!

What a lovely card to receive on this magical holiday! Today is Lughnassadh (pronounced “LOO-nahs-ah”) or the Anglo-Saxon “Lammas.”  It is one of the Greater Sabbats and honors the First Harvest.

In agricultural traditions throughout the Northern Hemisphere, this marks the start of the harvest cycle, when grains and corn are the first to ripen. We give thanks for these early, life-giving crops, as well as the fruits and vegetables that are now filling our pantries. Now is when we are reminded to save, preserve, and store our bounty for the dark and cold days that will be coming.

So the Seven of Pentacles seems a fateful omen for this time.  Seven is a number of magic, spirituality and initiation into a deeper level of Mystery. There are seven main chakras, the human body is said to renew itself on a cellular level every seven years, each quarter phase of the Moon is seven days long, there are seven colors in the visible spectrum, and seven notes in our musical scale. No wonder it is considered a number of harmony and good luck.

And of course, with the Pentacles being focused upon the Earthy matters in our lives, this fortune comes in ways that are quite tangible to us. If we have been as diligent as the young man in this card, good results can be expected in the areas of work, money, home and health.

As we all know, what he reaps will depend upon what he has sown. Like him, we may dream of prosperity and success. But how do we ensure that our labors are bearing the fruit that we desire? And are we willing to toil as steadily for the results we seek?

This Tuesday, Mercury, planet of technology, communication, commerce and ideas, goes retrograde for the next three weeks. This can put the brakes on, or add unexpected twists to, negotiations, contractual agreements, travel plans, and the forward progress of our projects.

Instead of delays and complications being obstacles, this week’s card directs us to take them as opportunities.  This looks like a chance to pause and look at the big picture. Do we really know what we want and where we want to go?  Now that we are in this time of the first harvest, is what we are seeing before us what we actually intended, back in our “planting time” – the Springtime of potential and possibilities?

If so, now we can prepare for whatever final work and follow-through may be required. This card suggests that we take our time and exercise patience.  If we wish to progress to the abundance we envision, now is a time for taking stock and aligning ourselves with Nature’s flow of growth and change.

For those who have chosen their intentions and laid their groundwork wisely, these natural rhythms are friends, not problems.

If we are not happy with the end now in sight, there may still be time for fine-tuning and minor adjustments. But the fundamental nature of the outcome is already set. Whatever we have started is nearing its completion, for better or worse.

In either case, now is the time to give thanks and appreciate the divine co-creation we are a part of.

We honor this time of the harvest by setting aside a portion of our bounty in preparation.  Although Summer’s heat may seem never-ending, the daylight has waned noticeably since Summer Solstice, and darker, leaner times surely lie ahead.

Let us step back and observe with gratitude what we have grown in our garden. Let this be a reminder that when our labors and intentions are in harmony  with the cycles of Nature and the great wisdom of the seasons, good fortune and a bountiful harvest can be ours.

And sometimes, our most important work is to simply wait, hope and trust in the fullness of time.

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  • August 1, 2011, 10:09 pm mel

    “But the fundamental nature of the outcome is already set. Whatever we have started is nearing its completion, for better or worse.” yes, whatever it is left to do in August is mostly follow up from the plan formulated in Spring for me. There are some adjustments as new information comes in, but most things are set in stone. How timely “our most important work is to simply wait, hope and trust in the fullness of time.” thanks for the insight 🙂