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Hypatia of Alexandria - Guardian Ancestor of Cherry Hill Seminary

Up until now, in order for a Druid, or Wiccan, or Heathen, or Vodoun Priest or Priestess to receive the advanced theological training they need, so that they can be recognized as professional clergy in the mundane world, they have had to go through degree programs at non-Pagan seminaries.

In a world where monotheism dominates virtually all such schools, this is can be pretty tough for Pagan students. In the worst cases, we must remain deeply closeted in order to access the learning we need.  At best, we must translate and re-frame the skills, history, and knowledge of what often feels like a foreign curriculum, in order to align it with the values, world-view, and needs of our actual communities.

That is why we are building Cherry Hill Seminary. CHS is the first and only graduate-level education for Pagan ministry in the modern world.

We offer online distance-learning classes, regional workshops and intensive retreats. That means we are available to you – wherever you are!

The need is profound and growing for full-time, career men and women who are able to serve their tradition and communities.  Our people need Pagan clergy on military bases, in prisons, in hospitals and hospices, and so much more.  The days for part-time, make-it-up-as-we-go-along Priestessing are really over, if modern Pagan traditions are going to survive into future generations.

Whether you are interested in committing to a professional, graduate-level degree program, or would just like to polish your knowledge and skills on an elective level, Cherry Hill Seminary is here to provide excellence and opportunity for all traditions in the Pagan community.

So, here’s a …

Sneak Peek At Our Fall Semester

Registration for the fall semester opens on July 15.

Foundations Courses

Foundations are special short courses (usually four weeks) with a narrow focus on a specific topic.  They’re great for Master’s students who want to brush up on their research and writing skills.  Or they may be offered as a pre-requisite to another class. Often they are simply to address an elective interest, practical need or skill for the Pagan community. Foundations courses are open to the general public without the need for application for admission to CHS.  This Fall, you can sign up for:

  • The next offering in the Pagan Elders & Ancestors series:  Aleister Crowley
  • Introduction to the Goddess Path
  • Why Magickal Thinking Isn’t Crazy
  • Introduction to Druidry

Pagan Community Education Courses

The PCE courses are semester-long, in-depth courses in more comprehensive subjects. They provide contemporary education and practical application on topics of Pagan interest, taught by leaders in the Pagan community, on a more accessible and flexible schedule than master’s-level classes.  There are several certification programs that fall under this category.  This Fall the following courses will be offered:

  • Rites of Passage
  • Pagan Leadership I
  • Call of the Dark Mother
  • Myths of Creation & Destruction

Master’s Courses

Just like it sounds, these courses are being offered through our Master’s program.  There are a number of majors and choices available in this program.  Learn more here.  This Fall, you can choose from:

  • Indigenous Religions & Cultures
  • Call of the Dark Mother
  • Pagan Leadership I
  • Introduction to Chaplaincy
  • Contemporary Global Paganisms

Don’t these sound yummy??

The details, including the names of the instructors, schedules and so forth, will be announced soon. To get quick access, you can sign up to receive notices from Cherry Hill by going here.

I hope you will consider registering. I can tell you from my own experience, these classes are brilliant and fun!

And whether the classroom is calling to you at this time or not, you can join this historic effort by becoming a supporter of Cherry Hill Seminary. Dollar by dollar, step by step, we are here for keeps.  Yours can be a gift to Pagans everywhere,  present and future.

Blessed be.

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  • July 5, 2011, 10:43 am Gary

    Cherry Hill Seminary fulfills a growing need to provide clergy to our communities!

    Gary Krause
    Cherry Hill Pennsylvania