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Finally.. We Enter the Seventh House

If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail.
~ Winston Churchill

Finally, only about half-way through July, we begin our discussion of the matters to do with the Seventh House. And this is kind of a shame on my part, because it is a topic that we could spend years examining.

This is the House of partnership and relationships and has been called the House of cooperation and opposition.

Kind of timely for the debt showdown drama in the U.S., don’t you think?

The Seventh House, associated with Venus and Libra, looks at our partnerships, as well as the big duality themes of life, such war and peace, marriage and divorce, cooperation and conflict.

So the planets in this house can show us how we relate to our marriage partners, romantic partners, business partners and roommates. It also sheds light on how we conduct situations like counselor-to-client, boss-to-employee, doctor-to-patient — those relationships which require our cooperation with another person.

The Seventh House also offers insight about how we deal with opposition: competitors, adversaries, opponents in games, detractors, openly declared enemies, lawsuits, and conflicts with a spouse or business partner.

It covers all intimate relationships which require co-operation and compromise with someone else’s needs or goals. In short, look to the Seventh House for wisdom when there are challenges and conflicts arising from any kind of close, one-on-one relationship.

What partnerships are important in your life?  Do you see patterns in how you connect, collaborate or conflict with other people? What triggers do you notice that create opposition in certain situations, or with particular people?

Let’s discuss!