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Drawing Down the Lightning

Wind of knowledge
Simple and wise,
Bringer of the lightning
That strikes in our minds.
Come to us.
Be here now.
From Circle Casting Song © Susan Falkenrath Wolf,
from Reclaiming Second Chants

Thank you with all my heart to everyone who has been sharing your own experiences here. Your responses are profoundly inspiring. It is enormously helpful and empowering to realize we are not alone in this mysterious holding pattern.

As I have been pondering my own uncharacteristic reluctance to initiate new projects, or to be highly engaged, or even gear up each day for bare maintenance mode, I have questioned whether I am just kidding myself.

Is this really a reboot, a system upgrade coming online? Is this a necessary time out of time for regrouping and inner journeying? Or is it a slow, barely perceptible sink into a quicksand of paralysis?

It feels so much like the breathless, almost oppressive calm before a tempest. Will that storm be a tidal wave of creativity or will it be destruction? Will it be pounding hailstorms or ecstatic release?

As several of you have also reported, perhaps the oddest thing is that I feel so detached from needing to know the answer.

Is this ennui? Lazy hazy Summertime? It does seem we are all waiting for the lightning.

What will be will be. Let it be. Be here now.

Which got me to thinking again about this week’s card, The Magician. Unlike today’s illustration (from the beautiful Infinite Visions Tarot), look again at this week’s Rider-Waite-Smith image and you see that nothing much is actually happening. He stands at his altar, staring us straight in the eye, all his tools gathered. He is opening wide, reaching out, inviting the strike that will run straight through him.

How do we wait for such a thing? How do we dare?

I am pretty sure that The Magician does not summon the flow of Source until his tools are gathered and ready. He knows his own skills, his limitations, and he has prepared in every possible way. He is not the novice, but the adept.

Of course in the R-W-S deck, it is The Tower in which the lightning strikes.

Is this what is coming? This is not what I want to experience, do you?

So how can we become more like the powerful figure in today’s illustration?  How do we befriend the sudden, profound change many of us feel is waiting nearby?  What are your thoughts?

More tomorrow.

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  • July 8, 2011, 1:39 pm Regina

    Really good questions. And no, I definitely do not want to experience the Tower. I already went through that over the winter, and I really don’t want to do it again.

    I really like this “visual” introspection on the Magician – just standing at his altar, staring at us in the eye. I wonder if he’s daring us? Saying to us: Are you ready? What will it be? The Tower? Or true mastery and power?

    Looking at this way, I feel like I’m being advised to be truly ready, and that it’s up to me how that strike will hit. Is it all about truly acknowledging my talents and skills? My own power? Being confident and firm in my own Truth?

    More questions! LOL
    Hmmm. I need to ponder on this more….

  • July 8, 2011, 1:47 pm Saffron

    I think The Magician holds patience like a meditation. He’s building up power, drawing it in. When he’s calm and ready, he’ll use it.

  • July 9, 2011, 2:06 am Athene Noctua

    Um, silly question, but I had to ask it. How do you know your soul card? It was mentioned by several commenters in the last post? Is it numerology based or astrology based, or something else entirely?

    Also, agree about being on pause. Part of me is screaming, buy a house, this may be the only time you can afford it! The other part, is wait and see, you might be transferred to another part of the county or laid-off.

    Been having trouble sleeping-falling asleep, and staying asleep, but when I do sleep have vivid dreams.

    Will now use this down time to look over my finances, (checked out a bunch of Suze Orman from the library, and my health (My acupuncturist today sternly told me I was a human, not a hummingbird and needed to cut out the sugar, before I burned out my pancreas).

    So I hope to use this listless down time, to think about my money and home, and start weaning myself off the sugar and caffeine, and find an exercise program that makes me happy, and will help me be healthy.

    Glad you are still posting, even though your in a reboot time. I read everyday.

    Athene Noctua

  • July 9, 2011, 7:43 am Susan

    We practice presence so we can recall what it feels like in times when being present might be challenging. And presence happens second by second, like the Gaian Tarot’s Explorer of Water – when we don’t know how something is going to shift, we can’t figure out exactly what we will be doing a minute from now, only how we are going to be fluid in THIS moment. So while we wait for the lightning we are calling down, we remain in this moment, open to all potential possibilities. And, don’t forget, people who have experienced lightning strikes tell us that their perceptions are changed forever – maybe we are calling down lightening, not lightning!

  • July 9, 2011, 10:16 am Beth

    Regina — yes! Yes!

    Saffron -“holding patience like a meditation.” Wow-that is just gorgeous.

    Ha! Susan! I love that in about 50 different ways!

    Athene .. I hear you! And I am so honored and grateful to know you’re here with me every day. You are profound and beautiful company to keep. ♥

    The Soul Card thing? Why .. I just happen to have a link around here, let’s see.. where did I put it.. Oh yes, here we go. Try here and here (with lots more in my Articles section), for starters. 🙂

  • July 9, 2011, 12:54 pm Kathy Stardancer

    I smiled when I read your questions, ‘So how can we become more like the powerful figure in today’s illustration? How do we befriend the sudden, profound change many of us feel is waiting nearby?’

    I agree there is peace in feeling detached from needing to know the answer. But I also feel we must be ready to ‘go with the flow’ as best we can when change is upon us. I realize that is often easier said than done. But what I’ve experienced is that if I feel grounded and in a strong place spiritually and emotionally, I can weather the storm of change more easily.

    A Buddhist friend once shared a teaching of either being a rock or being water when we are faced with change. She said that if we can flow like water, change would be less difficult. If we are a rock, change will be harder because we will be less likely to ‘go with the flow’ as best we can.

    That is not to say that we need to just lay down and take whatever comes our way without input. But I do agree that we can ride our boat on the water of change and navigate the sometimes turbulent rapids making it safely to the other side.

  • July 9, 2011, 8:22 pm Morgana Phenix

    Beth: This describes almost exactly what I have been feeling lately. And, interestingly enough, I am seem to be waiting for the lightening. Yet there is something so tempting about beckoning the lightening to come and either charge or recharge. Whenever I see The Magician I always am reminded of, “As above….so below!” Commanding and being the conduit for the lightning’s energy! Thank you so very much for sharing this!

  • July 10, 2011, 12:02 am mel

    my soul card according to the link is the Chariot. but the Magician shows up as my Growth card. I’m glad I found this blog, understanding this card will help me ‘grow’ throughout 2011. about the Tower, I just had the ‘striking’ experience of finding out a secret, a few hours ago. The cosmos wants me to move on from doubtful relationship and so Solar Eclipse in Cancer, my 12th house, exposed me this secret. It’s painful, but I would rather know sooner than later. My 7th house is where my south node is, where my karma lies. If there is debt, I will pay. If there is reward, I will accept. Interested to read more input on 7th house. thank you again for this blog 🙂

  • July 10, 2011, 2:21 am Athene Notua

    Thanks. It was numerology based, so I came up w/ 6 for my Soul Card and a 15 for my personality card. Will have to study the Lovers Card, but having The Devil for personality is freaking me out a bit.

  • July 11, 2011, 9:13 am Maria

    I’m unemployed right now. I’m broke, but for the most part I’m blissfully happy. Each day is organized according to when I have the most energy (and the least), I’m spending lots of time outdoors and just BEING. Nobody is bullying me or berating me for anything — and if anyone tries, I have the power to tell them off or walk away because my livelihood is not affected by it.

    My big questions lately have been: does it have to be an either/or proposition — either I’m happy or I’m working? Either I’m broke or I’m miserable? Does it REALLY have to be like that?

    And then my cat dispatched a mouse with amazing, tidy efficiency. And I thought, is she limited to being a spoiled, elderly snugglebunny OR an animal that is perfectly designed to stalk and kill what she eats? Clearly, she is not. And what if it is really that simple for me, too? What if I am perfectly designed by the Goddess as well, and because I never knew that, I am getting in my own way?

    These are the questions rolling through my mind as I sit in the yard and watch the birds…

  • July 12, 2011, 10:10 pm Wendy

    Fabulous dialogue ladies. But I propose a middle ground answer to your questions….What if we are waiting for nothing??? We feel the charge of the atmosphere, senses are sharpened, awareness heightened, we are calling to the universe for a release of power…but WE are the ones that bring the lightning!!! We are the lightning rods of the universe. The buzz of energy that we feel is consciousness drawn to us by our own design. A very wise woman (Beth) once told me, “The more sensitive you are, the more sensitive you become.” What if, instead of waiting for lightning to strike The Tower, we are reaching up like the Magician to draw down the power that we need in order for us to make great changes in ourselves. If we have prepared the tools we need, come to the Universe with intentions of the greatest good, and are willing to let the things that are no longer useful fall away from us, we may feel the hum of universal knowledge course through our beings. It is then that we may make connections and create our own reality in the ways that best serve our purpose. My soul card is Strength, so I have always been one to grab the bull by the horns and try to suffer through every challenge. Maybe the art of true strength is being able to hold your position and allow the situation to flow through you.

  • July 13, 2011, 10:29 am Beth

    ♥ 🙂 ♥