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Blessings of the New Moon in Cancer and Solar Eclipse

Dark of the Moon
New beginnings
Dark of the Moon
Plant a seed tonight
Dark of the Moon
What we envision
Will come to be
By the Full Moon’s light.

It’s a pretty powerful beginning this month, with not only a partial eclipse (just before 5 this morning, Eastern time), but also a Grand Cross that may remind you of the intensity of last summer.

Astrologer Lynn Hayes tells us, “This is the third of an eclipse series that began on June 1st and you can read more about this eclipse here.  Although this is a partial eclipse and therefore weak astronomically, it packs a more powerful punch than it normally would because the conjunction of the Sun and Moon that forms the New Moon alignment engaged Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in a Grand Cross formation.

“The Grand Cross locks the three planets and the luminaries (Sun and Moon) in battle that will result in a climax of some kind in order to release the energy buildup that occurs through the square.

“The presence of Saturn in the Grand Cross in a nearly exact square to the New Moon ensures that there will be a lesson of some kind to learn; Uranus will inspire that a change be made.

The presence of Pluto empowers us to leave behind anything that no longer serves us.  Resistance to these transformative forces will not only slow down the process of change, but also create unnecessary bumps in the road.”

During this eclipse, we have an opportunity to re-examine what Carolyn Myss calls our “sacred contract.”  At this time we are invited to ask (and get real answers) about why our soul showed up here at this time.  Astrologer Amanda Painter even suggests that we can re-negotiate the terms of our very incarnation, with a core problem being completely eliminated, if it will cease to impede us on our mission.

And another one of my (insanely many!!) favorite astrological writers, Rhea Wolf, offers this perspective:

To tap into the New Moon power, you may want to take some time to journal or contemplate these issues. Then create affirmations about those areas related to the sign of Cancer. Here are some things to consider for your New Moon Intentions:

  • What makes you feel emotionally secure and loved?
  • What issues from your past need to be resolved/healed/released?
  • Are there places you have been holding on to your emotions?
  • Where would you like to cultivate more nurturing toward yourself and others?
  • Healing for breasts and stomach
  • Restoring a healthy relationship with food and nurturing your body
  • Spending more time with your family
  • Stepping out of tendencies to over-react to emotions
  • Letting go of defensive armor
  • Healing old wounds, especially in regard to Mothers and relationships with women in general
  • Inviting time for personal reflection into your daily life.

She adds, “Using the energy of this New Moon on July 1st, we call in the power to take responsibility for our own feelings and to help others feel more comfortable with their own emotional states.”

So I hope you will take a little extra caution today, but ask the deep questions that stir in your soul. And may all of your New Moon seeds be blessed!

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