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Blessings of the Full Capricorn Moon

With the Sun in Cancer (which is ruled by the Moon), and the Full Moon last night (or early this morning depending on your time zone) in Capricorn, which it almost immediately left for Aquarius, I offer a beautiful, but challenging analysis by astrologer Julia Bondi

May we all find the deep nurturing and love now needed. May our rites be blessed.
~ Beth

Responsibility and Caring

by Julia Bondi

Can we take care of ourselves? Can we take care of those we care about? Can we take care of our fellow citizens? Can we take care of our planet and all who live on it?

Over the last several years a series of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses have challenged our willingness, ability, and commitment to these responsibilities.

This Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn, following the [other] recent eclipses, is the closing bell calling us to conscious awareness of the importance of these questions. Do we understand what is being asked of us and are we willing to develop the skills and the solutions to our human needs?

It is up to us.

Looking out at our world we see struggles over debt crises all over the world; we see critical food and financial lacks all over the world; and we see increasingly poor governance and corruption all over the world. Corporations and elites representing the power of money and position are benefiting handsomely from the world’s chaos, this underbelly of Capricorn fully focused on “me” and “mine.”

Capricorn’s true power to climb the mountain to achievement can only be based on and supported by Cancer’s empathy, caring and recognition of all who have made their success possible — that is, if Capricorn is to preserve authority and rule effectively, for the benefit of all.

Recognizing that both Cancer, the universal and personal mother, and Capricorn, the universal and personal father, are feminine signs reveals the necessity for parenting and all authority to be grounded in considering and providing for all who have come before and will come after.

We are being asked to awaken to an understanding that all responsibility and position is not for personal gain but to provide wisdom, vision, strength and opportunity for the family, the company, the government and the world from which we all derive our lives.

The movement of Uranus into Aries along with the recent Cancer/Capricorn eclipses has awoken the people’s demands for a vision, a governing that puts the people’s genuine needs to live and thrive at the center of all decisions.

When the people are hungry, homeless, out of work, losing what little they have, fearful that the future will be no better than today and worse than the past, they rightly feel they are entitled to more — to benefit from their labor, to be able to afford the basic needs of life and to be governed effectively.

For the first time since the 1960’s the two planets of revolution and significant change, Uranus and Pluto, are challenging the structures of the world’s societies. Societies are being found inadequate, ineffective and uncaring.

Cancer and Capricorn are the axis on which life is able to exist. Change is needed, demanded and cannot be ignored.

Each of us is an individual who has responsibilities for ourselves, others we care for, work we do, and our duties as citizens of our country and our small, interconnected world.

This Full Moon is the moment when a thorough review of the last few years is necessary as we contemplate our effectiveness in caring for ourselves and others, a time to commit to or renew our commitment to integrate the Cancer archetype fully into our living, loving and caring for our world.

© 2011 Julia Bondi

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