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Tarot Card of the Week: June 6-12, 2011

Thou art the joy of all joyous things
Thou art the light of the ray of the Sun.
Thou art the door that is open in welcome,
Thou art the surpassing Star of guidance.
– Gaelic prayer (from the Alexander Carmichael Carmina Gadelica collection, arranged by Lisa Thiel)

What a gift to receive this card for the coming week! The Star makes a very rare appearance, the only other time being in early 2006.

If we view the Major Arcana of the Tarot as a journey that begins with The Fool, The Star comes after the shattering challenges of the night cards like Death, the Devil, and its most dramatic, immediate predecessor, the Tower. It brings the quiet after the storm, a time of healing, renewal, and finding the authentic truth of our souls.

Like Temperance in the Tarot, this figure pours out her cups, one foot on land, one foot upon (but not penetrating) the water.

Both cards follow a crisis, but The Star is relaxed, bowing to the Earth, unashamedly naked. Unlike Temperance, this is no winged Otherworldly being. She is a completely human form, freely pouring her water, knowing her chalices are eternally filled, and can never be emptied.

She is surrounded by eight-pointed stars, which are often associated with the Goddess, Venus, and may also perhaps be a visual reference to the Strength card.

In the background is a bird, the ibis. The ibis is a symbol of the Egyptian God Thoth, who gave humanity art, science and magic. This card, then, is about the creative inspiration that may come after the difficult journeys we must endure.

With this card, the question arises: by what Star do you steer your life course? What, for you, is True North — where your moral and creative compass always points?

What is needed, so that you can return to the quiet place in which you remember your truth?  What solace can guide you, most especially when  other support has been destroyed? Where does Hope spring eternal for you? It is often in the darkest night that our Star shines most brightly.

During the days ahead, quiet down. Listen. Open all your ways of hearing to the deepest, truest messages of your spirit. Take as much time as you need for recovering from any difficulties which may have recently tested you.

You have divine help available, infinite wisdom, and deepest awareness, if you will only admit your humanity, and receive in grace.

Take time to be in Nature, and to listen to your own soul’s counsel.  This is not a card of taking action; now is not the time for pushing, pretense or soldiering through. Instead, with gentleness and courage, know your help and healing come when you unveil your own authentic nature.

Make a wish. When your hope comes from your wise and truest heart of hearts, this is the Star that will grant it.

Be at peace. All the healing and guidance that you will ever need is given to you with infinite Love.

(With special love and healing going out to Carol… ~ B.)

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  • June 6, 2011, 10:16 am Arie

    I have a special affection for this card. About 25 years ago when I first bought my Tarot deck, this was the card that most attracted me.

  • June 6, 2011, 8:04 pm Kristen

    I’m thrilled to see this card today. I did a Shamanic Journey on Saturday in my meditation class, and one of the messages I received was “The Star”. I heard those words loud and clear, and knew that it was a reference to the tarot. And today I see this post. Thank you for this wonderful, full description. It fits perfectly with where I’m at in my journey.

  • June 7, 2011, 7:49 pm Saffron

    The Star!!! This card has special meaning for me too and I am so happy to see her! Welcome!