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Starting Today

The truth is that those aspects of ourselves that make us individuals are actually the sources of own beauty.
~ Karen Walrond, The Beauty of Different

In considering our personal histories with our self-image, we often discover a checkered past rife with hurt. From childhood teasing, to unrealistic role models, and all the mixed messages of a culture obsessed with youth, glamor and wealth, it’s little wonder that most of us have trouble seeing or believing in our own beauty.

The brilliant Karen Walrond is on a mission to remedy this, with maybe the last beauty book you will ever need: The Beauty of Different: Observations from a Confident Misfit. (Don’t you just love that title?)

With her trained photographer’s eye, Karen reveals the deep, astonishing glory that is found in our quirky, unique bodies, faces, smiles, and energy.

To give you a taste, for both her talent and her revelations, I encourage you to visit her 1000 Faces Projects page.  Then I double-dog dare you to insist ever again that the Allure/Glamor/Vogue face du jour is the only or even the truest kind of beauty.  As Sophia Lauren has said, “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”  And she should know.

So let us take a lesson from another wise woman who has a lot to say about self-image.  As Sarah Ban Breathnach suggestions in her classic, Simple Abundance, “Starting today, shun the world’s ideal of beauty, because it’s constantly changing.  Cleopatra longed for varicose veins, Middle Age beauties padded their bellies.  Don’t wait for the world to celebrate you. Carve your own niche.  Focus on what’s great, forget what’s not.”

Like our friend Regina pointed out in yesterday’s post, honoring our physical body with fresh, healthful food and lots of clean, pure water is an act of tending our most personal and sacred Temple. How are you Priest or Priestess of your own holy body?

Sarah suggests that we, “learn firsthand the transforming power of nurture over nature…Slow down and remember to breathe before taking a bite. Breathe out stress and negativity, breathe in oxygen and positive energy.

“Rediscover how marvelous it is simply to move: stretch, dance, walk, run, jump, skip, play, embrace. Pamper your body with comfortable clothes, quiet moments, and soothing beauty rituals…

“Today, instead of hating your body, make peace with it. Choose to consciously love and honor the sacred garment Spirit provided for this lifetime’s journey.”

Who do you personally consider to be beautiful?  Why? Has this changed over the years?

What is great about you? What, regarding your current physical package, are you ready to forgive and forget?

Most important, what will you do first, starting today, to bring new harmony and beauty to your own divine Temple?

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