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More Thoughts About the Influences of the Sixth House

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.
~ The Buddha

Prompted by our discussions last week, astrologer Lynn Hayes, offers additional insight about the Sixth House.  Hopefully, we can coax Lynn, who is a very busy woman, to add some more commentary as we go along. Naturally, I also invite additional comments from you!   ~ B.

The Sixth and Twelfth Houses are mysterious and multi-layered – possibly the most complex of all of the twelve houses. In the work of quantum physics and energy medicine we are learning more about how energy blockages work to create health problems and illness, and you probably know that’s a particular interest of mine.

So when Frawley and other traditional astrologers talk about the Sixth House as the House of illness they are correct; but it also holds the keys to our attaining good health.

The Sixth House is traditionally ruled by Mercury as ruler of Virgo, the sign with which the Sixth House is connected. But I and some others see Chiron as ruling the Sixth House and Virgo. Chiron brings in an awareness that the body, the mind and the spirit are totally interwoven, and that what affects one will resonate in the other two. This concept is very active in the Sixth House.

Because the Sixth House deals with things that we have to do in order to live effectively in a body, challenges that we find in the Sixth House affect our work experience, our feelings of safety in the world, and the way we take care of our bodies and our personal hygiene.

But like challenges anywhere in the chart, difficulties here don’t doom us to poor health, if we use our awareness of the astrological indicators to be especially careful in certain areas that tend to create energy blockages for us that eventually lead to illness.

I should add that health issues are not limited to the Sixth House but appear in other planetary dynamics as well. But the Sixth House tends to show where and how these issues can occur and how they can be resolved.

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