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The Green Realm

I am dedicating my post today to my workshop participants, who will be exploring the magic of the Green Realm with me this afternoon, as well as all who cherish their gardens. ~ B.

A little too abstract, a little too wise,
It is time for us to kiss the earth again,
It is time to let the leaves rain from the skies,
Let the rich life run to the roots again.
~ Robinson Jeffers

Our gardens have so much to teach us about finding the balance between creativity and surrender, between acceptance and tenacity. After all, gardening is an act of co-creation with the will of the Divine. And for the spiritually attuned, working with soil and plants moves us beyond what we will get from our labors, and into how we connect with the energies and the sentience of the Green Ones.

To first hear the voices of those energies can be a miraculous, life changing experience. And bear in mind that such encounters are not reserved for a special few. All humans are invited to find friends, allies and teachers in the Green realms. After all, with our every breath, we are already bonded.

There is a root of peace within this Earth.
Plant it in my heart, my home, my land.
That it may grow deeply.
And then will it branch and give shade,
Then will it blossom for the lovers,
And yield fruit that none will lack.
Then will the old sit under its shade and be honored.
And the babies play and laugh into its leaves.
Psalm 50, Earth Psalms by Angela Magara

In most spiritual traditions, the garden is viewed as a holy place. Since the dawn of civilization, gardens have been sacred sites for the invocation of the Gods, for meditation, inspiration, and reflection.

It is no accident that in medieval times, monastery gardens were both utilitarian places that provided food and medicine, as well as havens for prayer.

In Japan and China, gardens offer peace, privacy, and a place for meditation. And in the folklore of ancient Britain, magical associations are given to nearly every tree, herb, bush and flower of the wayside and the garden.

The garden is a magical threshold between the wildness of Nature, and the structures of humankind. People through the centuries have discovered that, out among the potatoes and lilacs, their gardens are a place of power and enchantment. Within them, we can observe the effect of the Moon, the Sun, and the shifting influences of the zodiac on the growth and decline in Nature.

In gardens, we can contact the beings from other realms who may otherwise be elusive or unknown to us. There, we find those Faerie races that are most comfortable with human interaction, as well as the devas and elementals who are associated with the subtle creative forces of the Earth Herself.

May you play in your own green magical realms today. And as you tend the garden of your heart, whether it is acres or a small clay pot, may beauty and delight flourish.