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Saturday Poetry

The May Queen is Waiting
~ Ruth Barrett
(A huge thanks to Sierra C. for correcting this

attribution that now makes SO much more sense!)

The new earth quickens as you rise.
The May Queen is waiting.
Feel the pulsing ground call you to journey,
To know the depths of your desire.
The May Queen is waiting.
Moving through the night, the bright moon’s flight.
In green and silver on the plain.
She waits for you to return again.
Do not keep Her waiting.
Her temper stings if you refuse to taste Her honey.
Surrender as enchantment brings
The first light of dawning.
Move with Her in sacred dance, through fear to feeling.
Bringing ecstasy to those who dare.
Living earth is breathing.
Loving through the night in the bright moonlight,
As seedlings open with the rain.
She’ll long for you to return again.
Do not keep Her waiting.

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  • May 7, 2011, 10:15 am Kristen

    Beautiful poem. Like a call to follow our own sacred paths.