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Secure At Home

Several times in my life, I have survived very close calls with tornadoes. Yesterday was one more, as the tornado that skipped through downtown Raleigh passed over the bookstore where I was giving readings. (There is no mistaking that sound). Our home in Durham was untouched, I am grateful to say.

Although at first I got eye-rolls and teasing from the younger staff when I told them that during my lunch, the EBS had broken in on the radio twice with tornado warnings for nearby areas, they did later send everyone to the back when things got scary.

I know it sometimes feels a bit foolish to go hunker down in a back room or basement. But in my life, I have learned that tornado watches and warnings are no joke.  Yesterday, we were spared, but homes and businesses mere blocks away were demolished.

Beth Owl’s Public Service Tip: When you are under a tornado watch, you pay close attention to changing conditions. When you are under a tornado warning, you are being told to take cover immediately. That means: basement, interior room with no windows, reinforced structural area, away from glass and where flying objects could cause harm.  It’s not about fear or drama. It’s about responding with some urgency to a warning of imminent danger.  Really.

Anyway, in the wake of these catastrophic storms, my heart goes out to all those who have been affected. The swath of death and destruction stretches from Oklahoma to a tiny area in Bertie County, NC which, alone, is reporting 10 dead.

There are so many in America, and of course in Queensland and Japan, who have suddenly, violently lost everything, including their homes.  I dedicate today’s essay to them, and to us all.  May inner and outer safety, security and comfort be restored and held fast always.

May the Fourth House of Home always be something strong, healing and present within our spirits.

And may this Full Moon of Libra restore balance to all in need, and be the ideal time for the ritual suggested below.

The Security of Home

from The Celtic Spirit, Daily Meditations for the Turning Year
by Caitlín Matthews

A house where rain does not pour,
A place where spear-points do not threaten,
As bright as a garden but with no fence about it.
~ Suibhne Geilt, anon. Irish poem, translated by Caitlín Matthews

The security of home is something settled people gladly take for granted. For the nomad, home is the place you happen to be.  For the traveler, home — and the longing to be there again — is the spur to a speedy returning.

For those made homeless against their will, home is the Holy Grail of their desire.  But even those of us who have a home, one that we are streetwise and alert in protecting, sometimes long to be in a place of greater security and safety, a place where we simply cannot be got at.

The security of being at home with oneself, at home in one’s being, can never be forgotten once it has been experienced.  This sense of ease, insightful understanding, and peace provides a new kind of security.

Although people often reach this state through a sudden shock or realization, it is also accessible through a daily regime of meditation or regular contemplation alone in any place where we feel empowered.

In this time alone, we make friends with our soul, allowing it to become expansive and fully fledged.

The security of home does not derive solely from being in a “nice neighborhood,” or a beautiful environment; it comes in part from the innate sense of being at home with our soul.

The safe circle of home is the expectation of every human being, the right of every child.

Home is our microcosm, our little world, supplying comfort, warmth, nourishment, and a safe environment for learning about who we are.

Make a blessing of protection for all within your household.

And may the light of tonight’s Libra Full Moon encircle you in serenity and love. Blessed be.

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  • April 17, 2011, 1:29 pm Theresa EagleHeart

    So glad you are okay! We have a flooded basement here in Western NC, and the pond is up so high, the Canadian Geese can just walk right onto the dock. But we are “Safe and Secure” and Grateful today. Am really enjoying your Fourth House discussions.

  • April 17, 2011, 2:00 pm Tara

    I, like you, have a respect and a healthy fear of tornadoes…

    I was not at home yesterday when the bedlam ensued, (as I was not comfortable being there among many trees in a little house made of wood). I was at a place I felt would be more safe should the storm come through…

    My older son was with a friend near Yonkers Rd. and Brentwood Rd. He saw the sky turn green, trees snap, debris fly by at warp speed just a mere 100 feet away from the building in which he stood. He realized today that he was a stone’s throw south from where the children from the trailer park are missing and north of where the heavy Yonker’s Rd. damage is located.

    While part of me believes, when it’s our time, it’s our time, the other part believes there are reasons to be aware and heed alerts and warnings…

    I too, am enjoying the 4th house discussion and the homework…
    Meanwhile, I am getting rid of things via Craigslist and Freecycle that don’t serve me any longer…

    Thanks Beth!

    It’s interesting

  • April 17, 2011, 3:05 pm Terry

    Dear Beth and all,
    just checking in to make sure you all made it through the latest upheaval relatively unscathed, even as you are touched by those harder hit…. very glad to see your post and excellent thoughts Beth …. thinking of you with love and gratitude… while I wait to hear from family members and other dear friends within the storms’ wake. -=Terry=-

  • April 18, 2011, 4:32 am Arie

    Here comes the ancient wisdom of being connected to the forces of nature and to know the best place in a certain area to have a house. Also Feng Chui has this wisdom.
    A friend of mine from the UK told me a story about a storm in a village in northern Scotland that damaged many houses. His mother who lived there told him that only the new housing was affected. The old part of the village was not damaged. This is because our ancestors where connected to nature and knew where to build their homes.

  • April 18, 2011, 9:15 am Madeleine

    Beth,I am SO glad to hear you are okay– you have been in my thoughts and prayers all weekend.Many Blessings.Stay safe!

  • April 18, 2011, 9:27 am Maria

    I’m so glad you are okay! I live in an area where tornadoes are very, very rare (but not unheard-of) so they scare me witless. We do get the occasional hurricane or tropical storm, though, and I am always amazed at how many people ignore the warnings and watches.

  • April 18, 2011, 7:34 pm Beth

    Thank you so much, everyone. Ever since we lived in Ft. Leavenworth, KS, I know it does not pay to be flippant about tornado warnings.

    After seeing the photos my husband John took for the paper where he works, (and of course all the photos from his colleagues, too), you really get a sense of the profound loss our neighbors are going through. One minute everything is fine, and 15 seconds later, your life is never the same. My heart just goes out to everyone.. It is a sad time.

    Your prayers and any donations you’d care to make to the Red Cross on behalf of the NC tornado victims would be received with gratitude, I know.