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Psalm 46

Psalm 46

from Earth Psalms, a gorgeous, must-have, Earth-based reclaiming
of the King James translation of the Psalms,
by Angela Magara

The Goddess is our sanctuary;
Her embrace holds us night and day.
We can be unafraid in the earthquake and
Comforted in the hurricane knowing we are not alone.
She is the river of joy, gladness is Her voice.
She streams from the mountains, into the desert,
And into the parched heart that longs.
She answers the call of desire and stirs the soul’s bidding.
Tho’ we are surrounded with despair and taught doubt,
Yet we lie upon Her Body and are comforted.
Look at the abiding beauty of Life.
Through destruction and chaos comes renewal.
Listen to the melody of the wild and the music of regeneration.
Love holds us in Her song.
Tho’ riches are robbed and lies are honored,
Nothing stands before the turning of the Wheel.
The sacredness of life will continue,
Within the Palm of the Mother are we all held.

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