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How Does Your Home Affect and Reflect You?

You can never go home again, but the truth is, you can never leave home, so it’s all right.
~ Maya Angelou

We continue to explore the components that are associated with the Fourth House of the astrological chart. The Fourth House rules our domestic life, our inner security, and our deepest sense of rootedness, hearth and home.

As I noted yesterday, when we wish to change or improve certain realities in our lives, we obviously need to examine and perhaps adjust our core beliefs, habits and assumptions.

But it is also true that we can change our outer reality first, and our inner one will change as well. This is the premise of behavior modification. The idea is that when you act “as if,” the change you desire will eventually solidify into fact.

For example, after properly preparing your speech materials, you can act as if you are not afraid of public speaking. As you pretend you are confident, your acting will become the reality.

This same principle can apply to the home environment, impacting and shaping changes in your personal life.

Our home is where we are at our most open, authentic and vulnerable. It is where we are rested, fed, healed, and shaped, in both body and spirit.

Thus, it creates in us an “energy template,” as author Denise Lynn describes it in her book, Sacred Space. By examining our homes and adjusting its contents, order, and energy, we profoundly affect our own personal interior.

There are many ways to understand and work with this nest magic. Are you a person who treasures antiques and family heirlooms, or do you prefer a more sleek, modern style? Perhaps you are handy with turning found objects and flea market bargains into unique, even quirky treasures.

How does your home reflect this? Does it amplify and enhance your sense of being At Home?  Or does your home currently fight with your own sense of taste, beauty and comfort?

Perhaps you are an artist, so your home is filled with creative works from your own imagination, as well as those of your colleagues and friends. Some people are passionate collectors, and others need spare, Zen-like empty spaces to feel at home.

Naturally, we will change over time.  The cluttered, eclectic jumble that felt cozy and fun when we were fresh out of college may no longer reflect who we are anymore.  If this is the case, it would not be surprising to discover there are also areas in one’s non-domestic life that feel stuck, stale or ill-fitting.

Whatever your tastes and style, it is helpful to be aware that your home makes a very clear statement about who you are.  In turn, it echoes and reinforces your beliefs about this in subtle but powerful ways.

As the environment over which you have the most control, it is the first place beyond the auric body that you impact the world. It is in your home that your core beliefs, your dreams, and your fears all can first manifest as physicality.

By being more conscious about our own most intimate environment, we can affect how and what we manifest in the more outer, public world.

Tomorrow, I’ll offer some ways to help you look at this in more detail!

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  • April 15, 2011, 10:43 am Carey

    Wow! How did you get that picture of my imaginary home from my childhood days????? Seriously. I’m not just making a joke. That’s exactly what it looked like! Only thing not shown in the photo is the in-ground swimming pool.

  • April 15, 2011, 3:06 pm Starshine

    This year especially I’ve been adding to and putting energy into my apartment. I used to think of it as a temporary place to live, but when I stopped waiting for the next move I started making here my Home. Why wait for a home, you can make one wherever you are.

  • April 15, 2011, 5:11 pm Maria

    Oh, that picture is totally my dream home from childhood as well! 🙂

    My apartment reflects my personality, interests, and what I enjoy. It’s eclectic, I guess, since it’s home to Hello Kitty stuffed animals and Blessed Mother icons, gifts from friends and family and things I’ve bought myself; things from the thrift store and from IKEA; my grandmother’s china cabinet (that my grandfather made from scrap lumber and Gram painted in an “antiquing” style that was popular back in the 60s) and a brand new “bejeweled” 3-inch-high Eiffel Tower. And lots and lots of books.

    I like it; I feel happy and comfortable here. I move things around a lot — I like to change things up at least seasonally. It’s also cheaper than buying new!

  • April 15, 2011, 6:18 pm Beth

    I am loving your comments, y’all! Only one problem. I am sorry but this is a picture of MY childhood dream house!

    Oh wait! This proves we were all really secret family together in once upon a time!

  • April 15, 2011, 7:07 pm Regina

    I love this discussion of the 4th house! Astrologically, my 4th house is being called up for renovation and reorganization for the next year or so, and I’ve been doing some of my own archaeological digs into my “Home.” As I change and rediscover and renovate my internal Home, my actual home is undergoing changes too. Painting, redecorating, finally clearing out the clutter. It’s like a breath of much needed fresh air.

    As I read this, I kept thinking, too, that a lot of what you mentioned, Beth, is echoed in the principles of Feng Shui – your home is a reflection of who and what you are.

    I like that this all seems to be tied together. The Universe DOES know what it’s talking about! 🙂

  • April 20, 2011, 10:27 am WhiteOwl

    My house actually extends to my yard. Roger and i purchased the house and property in January of 2002 and were married in July of that same year. We have basically rebuilt the house from the ground-up, and it is still a project in process. The interior of the house, the exterior, the yard, our charming little creek, the trees, bushes, flowers, grape arbor, ritual space, all reflect as much of us as we can instill into a place. The most humbling thing for me is when people have been to the house, and say:how magical, or how peaceful, or I feel so refreshed and restored.
    For me, home has to be a place of respite, free of conflict, of harsh emotions. I connect with the earth there, and the moon feeds and energizes my spirit from the porch. The creek sings, the birds and salamanders and minnows and crayfish have a place to be, the willow and birch and poplar thrive…
    I hope my home reflects me, and I sincerely hope I reflect my home!