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We Enter the Third House

Education is what survives after what has been learned has been forgotten.
~ B.F. Skinner

After our very juicy discussions about prosperity, power, and possessions, we move today into a month-long examination of the themes found in the Third House of the astrological chart.

This House is ruled by Gemini and it is concerned with a variety of topics.

If the First House is the basics of our being-ness, and the Second House is about what we have, the Third House is about our first experiences of me/you. It is where we have our earliest understanding of separateness and similarity with our environment, our siblings.  It is our informing.

So, the Third House is all about communications, basic learning, mental activity, our mental aptitude and day-to-day environment. It is where we begin to develop our mind. It also focuses on our early childhood, especially our connection to our brothers and sisters (if any).

Astrologer Joyce Moss writes, “This is the field of experience in which you are challenged to organize personal experiences to form your own unique picture of the world, and then communicate your perceptions to others.

“Traditionally,” she adds, “this house is associated with brothers and sisters; basic education; eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity.”

We’ll be discussing this in lots more detail this month. If you have particular questions, concerns or requests, please feel free to comment!

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  • March 2, 2011, 8:57 am Maria

    Interestingly, I was journaling about this very topic this morning — but in my case, how the experiences informed my expectations of lack and hardship, and how I am so quick to “do penance” when things don’t turn out as I’d hoped, even if it’s through no fault of my own. So I guess it’s where the two houses overlap? I look forward to reading more!