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Visiting the Third House: Early School Days

Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to the next.
~ G.K. Chesterton

When I dug up my picture from second grade for my post yesterday, it brought back so many memories. I spent second and third grade living at Ft. Buckner, Okinawa.  It was a huge, terrific experience for a little kid, although challenging in many ways for my parents, I am sure.

Previous to that, I have vague memories of various pre-schools as we were transferred all around, but they weren’t a requirement as they are now.  So first grade was my official beginning as a student.

We were stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC that year, and I remember my mom and dad taking me to the on-post elementary school, and then to a private school in downtown Fayetteville.  They asked which one I liked best, and I liked the post school, because it was shiny and big.  But they enrolled me in Mrs. Haney’s School anyway, a wise choice that certainly built the foundation of my lifelong love of learning.

Mrs. Haney (who, to a six-year old, seemed shockingly ancient) was full of energy and fun, yet tolerated no nonsense.  She was an angel of patience as she guided us (and untold thousands before and after) through Sally and Dick and Jane and Puff. She inspired us no end and she knew exactly how to switch gears before the attention spans of her young charges wore out.   I was so lucky to have had such a magical beginning.

What do you remember about your earliest school days?  Who were your first teachers?  Do you remember learning how to read?  Do you remember your other classmates?  Where did you live?  Did you have older brothers or sisters who had pioneered ahead of you (and perhaps already affected your reputation)?  What was your favorite subject?

If you have kids now, how do you see their earliest education as being the same or different as what you experienced?

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