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Prayers and Poetry to Kannon Bosatsu

Kannon Bosatsu, or more formally, Kanzeon, is the Japanese name for the Bodhisattva Who Perceives the Cries of the World. You may also know Her (also sometimes perceived as male) as Tara or Kuan Yin.

She is the Goddess of Mercy who grants healing for all who suffer and are afflicted.  We call to Her this day to dispel the catastrophic energies that have brought so much trouble to our human family.  And may She especially hear and bring Her infinite mercy to Her people in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Excerpts from Poems of a Saikoku Pilgrimage

A mostly virtual pilgrimage to thirty-three temples associated with Kannon Bosatsu

You come
within the pause of the wind
and are here,
my breathing slows, waiting,
as you pass through my being.

The wind through the pines
is the chanting of a prayer
for peace and mercy,
I walk slowly on
falling in with the rhythm.

Your hand on mine
we move through countless moments
from past to future,
pausing as blossoms scatter
we sense the taste of cherries.

Come a great distance,
when you climb Mt. Shosha
you notice the wind —
is not its sound through the trees
also the Law of the Buddha?

Here, longing for you
your laugh echoes in the breeze
smiles everywhere
filling me with the love you
have for all who are suffering.

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