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A Spell for the Cooling of the Nuclear Cores in Japan

From one of my beloved teachers, Pomegranate Doyle. Please share and adapt as you feel is right.

Here is a spell to cool and protect the cores of the Nuclear Plants in Japan. Please join in and share.

We Call upon the power of fire, we call the guardians of fire.
Here we have the heat and fire of power burning out of balance.
We ask you to restrain this fire and to bring it to calm.
We call upon the people of the earth to honor the sacred power of fire.

We Call upon the power of water, we call the guardians of water.
Here we have the need of your calm cooling powers.
As you swell across the earth, we ask you bring your cleansing power.
To cool these hot fires of Nippon and restore the balance that has been lost.

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