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More Poetry from the Cyberspace Slam for Brighid

Not all of the poetry from the Brighid Poetry slam has to be directly addressed to the Goddess of poetry, healing and art. All poetry honors Brighid.  So today’s choice is one that Shannon Hawthorn Ash selected.  Thank you, Shannon, for reminding me how much I love Marge Piercy!  Blessings!

Three of Cups

(an excerpt)
by Marge Piercy

Taste what is in your mouth,
if it is water, still taste it.
Wash out the cups of your fingers,
…clean your eyes with new tears for your sister.
We are not worse revolutionaries if we remember
that the universe itself pulses like a heart;
that the blood dances within us; that joy is a power
treading with hoofs and talons on our flimsy bodies;
that water flows and fire leaps and the land gives strength
if you build on it with respect, if you dance on it with vigor,
if you put seeds in it with care and give back what is left over;
that a ritual of unity makes some of what it pretends;
that every thing is a part of something else.

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  • February 8, 2011, 3:03 pm Theresa Haislip

    Oh I used to LOVE Marge Piercy! When I was in college, I had all her earlier works, “Woman on the Edge of Time”, “Vida”, “Small Changes”, “High Cost of Living”. . . I read them over and over and they were Beautiful Friends I toted from apartment to apartment in my 20’s.
    Thank you for reminding me of her, I’m going to go see what she’s been doing recently!
    Brighid Blessings (Still)~~~~