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Entering the Second House

I don’t know much about being a millionaire,
but I’ll bet I’d be darling at it.

~ Dorothy Parker

Today, we begin to explore the treasures of the Second House of the astrological chart.  As I have indicated, this is not meant to be a year-long lesson in astrology. But we are exploring the topics that each house represents, in similar fashion to how in 2007, the Elements were the theme for the year, or our journey in 2008 was with The Graces.

As we saw in January, the First House is all about our persona, and our most fundamental self as we enter this life.  In February, we’re dealing with the issues of the Second House, the House of resources and values. It is the support for whatever was birthed in the First House.

It primarily deals with our material values.  This includes personal possessions, wealth and income. As astrologer Dana Gerhardt explains, “A vigorous Second House not only ensures your survival, it can make you a force to contend with. The First House shows your emergence into life and the Second shows what keeps you here. It holds everything you can call ‘mine.’”

She explains that it is in the Second House that we reach out into the world and ground our very beings. “As a baby, this begins with acknowledging your very own fingers and toes, the food you possess with your mouth, the teddy bear that no one can sleep with but you.

“As you grow, you must continue the process of grounding, which keeps deepening your First House process of self-discovery. You keep learning about who you are through the things you want to own, the resources you have to use, the value you place on yourself.

“The Second rules both what money can buy (possessions and material resources) and what it can’t buy (talents, self-esteem, and values). If you’re unhappy in your career, the work you’re doing may not utilize your natural talents — described by the collection of sign and planets in and ruling your Second House.”

So, what if all is not well there? What about those challenges about prosperity, especially the messages we’ve internalized from our youngest years?

More tomorrow!

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