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Blessings of the Full Moon in Leo

There was music in the cafes at night
And revolution in the air.

~ Bob Dylan, from Tangled Up in Blue

This is a very powerful Moon, which has already changed signs now from Leo to Virgo, even as the Sun moves today from Aquarius to Pisces. Still the energy lingers, like the echoes of an explosion, or a song we cannot forget.

Astrologer Lynn Hayes offers this wisdom, writing, “The Full Moon that occurred early this morning occurred at the 29th degree of the sign of Leo. The 29th degree, sometimes called the ‘critical’ or ‘anaretic’ degree, is associated with the endings of cycles and new beginnings.

“The word ‘anaretic’ derives from anareta, which in medieval astrology signified the planet of death in the natal horoscope. This is likely what has given the 29th degree such a bad rap in traditional astrology, although endings are actually the harbinger of new beginnings and not to be feared.

“In any case, the fixed star Regulus is at the 29th degree of Leo, so this Full Moon is in an exact conjunction. Regulus is one of the four Royal Stars of ancient Persia and called the “Lion’s Heart,” which is perfect for its placement in the sign of Leo…”

She continues, “This Full Moon includes an alignment of three planets in Aquarius: the Sun, Mars and Neptune. This is a rather challenging combination that can confuse (Neptune) the direction of our motivation and drive (Mars), especially since the Moon in the Full Moon chart is in opposition to these planets and takes us more deeply into our emotions. We just have to ride the wave rather than try to control it. Something is ending now, and we are the witnesses.”

From the uprisings in the Middle East, to the outpouring of furious support in Wisconsin on behalf of the public employees, there is big drama occurring. The intensity of this particular cosmic moment is no coincidence.

Astrologer Julie Bondi writes of this Moon, “These revolutions are being televised after they have been organized through the social media. Collaborative, leaderless, organic, active and revolutionary are all components of these movements – an ideal expression of Aquarius led by the creative impulses of the young.

“Facebook and Twitter not only organized the youth-led movements for freedom, they offered the world a real time conversation and witness as events unfolded. The archetype of Leo supported the movement with art, music and theatrical flair. There were singing and dancing in the streets.”

I love this observation from her, too. “The impossible,” she writes,  “the unthinkable, that which we never expected to see in our lifetimes is now happening, is now succeeding, is real. At this Full Moon, the Sun in Aquarius is shattering the past, ushering in the new, and bringing forth the impossible. Liberty, freedom, choice, a voice, a people’s revolt are spreading through the collective consciousness of humanity. Aquarius symbolizes humanity as a whole family, a collaborative mind with a deep knowledge of its individual value and its collective power.”

Vast, deep changes, spreading from Tunisia to Egypt, to Iran to Libya, to our own back yards.

Astrologer Rhea Wolf helps to focus the implications to our more immediate, personal lives, noting, “Leo is the part of us that needs recognition and must create something from its inner-world in order to feel whole…

“With the Full Moon in Leo, drama is on the menu. Drama can be cathartic and fun, served up with flair and playfulness. Or it can be intense and emotional, making impossible demands and throwing tantrums. Try to channel this Leo energy intentionally – into creative outlets, celebrations, performances, or romantic encounters.

“This Moon can lift our spirits, giving us a dose of sunshine in our cold winter days. Activate your inner child and play around with your life. If you neglect the need for play, you may be headed for solar-flare eruptions in the form of damaging emotional outbursts.”

Lynn concludes with this insight, “The Leo Full Moon is a time to celebrate the Self and allow our own inner divinity to shine and to be recognized, without falling over into the realm of ego-driven self-absorption.

“The effect of the Full Moon will linger for two or three days and provide us with an opportunity to find that nobility and strength in our own hearts and allow it to infuse us with grace and power in the absence of ego and greed.”

So mote it be.

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