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The Authentic Self

Know thyself.
– Inscription at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi

We have begun our journey around the chart of the astrological houses with the First House, which rules our core identity, the Self that comes into this world.

In 2006, astrologer Lynn Hayes had this to say about the houses, which might also be thought of as temples:

“In the horoscope, which is a map of the sky at a particular time from the perspective of earth, the space above and below the earth is ringed with the symbolic zodiac system and then divided into four quadrants. Each of the four quadrants is divided into three sections, and we call the twelve resulting pie-shaped sections ‘houses.’

“Each ‘house’ is associated with a sphere of existence. Liz Greene [author of The Art of Stealing Fire: Uranus in the Horoscope] describes the houses as being like empty stages before a play, each of which is already set with its ‘decor, furniture and objects according to the domain which the house rules and the sign on the cusp of the house.’”

We are here for a lifelong celebration. We are discovering, growing, changing, renewing, and re-discovering ourselves all the time. Yet, at our core, something eternal and divine also lives. The gifts in the First House are how we develop our uniqueness, how we cultivate our sense of identity, and then offer ourselves to the world.

One of my favorite authors, Sarah Ban Breathnach suggests, “The authentic self is the Soul made visible.” In the First House, the authentic self, in its purest essence, dwells. It is the work of the First House to make the absolute best of ourselves, what The Artist Way’s Julia Cameron calls, “switching on our spiritual electricity.”

Under what circumstances do you most recognize the true self that is you? When the going gets tough? Or maybe when you see yourself through the eyes of your children and loved ones? Perhaps when you are in your spiritual devotions. Maybe you feel the most like you when you are hiking alone in the woods, or playing the oboe, or square dancing.

What glimmers of your true potential shine through most often and best, and what does he or she look like? Does your perception of yourself align in harmony with how the world seems to see you? Why or why not, do you suppose?

These are all questions to consider as we briefly (remember – we’ll be back here again at the end) visit the First House before moving on to the Second next week.