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Tarot Card of the Week: January 3-9, 2011

Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.
~  Desiderius Erasmus (1469-1536)

Happy New Year!

We receive an auspicious beginning for this new year and the powerful New Moon of Capricorn with a visit from the Ace of Wands.

After the time-out-of-time winter holidays, so perfect for reflecting on the waning year and for dreaming and planning for the future; and coming right after last week’s Chariot, the Ace indicates it’s time to get energized, focused and move forward. The disruptions and setbacks of December’s Mercury retrograde are receding. Gather up your energy and go for it!

Like all the Aces of the suits, this card holds all the potential and power of its element. But as the Wands correspond to the element of Fire (in most systems of the Tarot), this is the power of power itself. The Ace of Wands holds the genesis of energy, passion, will, manifesting and creativity.

Tarot author and expert, Rachel Pollack, sums it up best: “At the beginning of some situation, no card could signal a better start.” It is time to turn our dreams and potential into reality!

The hand of Mystery offers the obviously phallic, sprouting branch. Its leaves are surrounded by “yods,” the symbols that represent the name of the Divine. This is a gift of the source of life itself.

Whether it is our heart’s desire, a creative project, or even the conception or birth of a child, transformation and big magic are crackling this week. What do you need to get the ball rolling? What creative fresh start is calling to you?

This week, it is yours to give and/or receive great gifts of renewed vigor, sexual energy, and the love of life. What new opportunities to bring your dreams to life are being handed to you like a gift from the Divine?  No dithering; no more mulling it over or second guessing.  Action is the way to move forward now.

Let this intense New Moon “fire you up!” New Moons are always new beginnings. But as astrologer Auntie Moon notes, because this New Moon is also a solar eclipse, its effects will resonate throughout the coming year.  What would you like to see happen when you wave your magic wand?

This can be a time of enormous creativity, enthusiasm, and growth. You possess a divine spark of inspiration, power, and magic. Use it well, for it is certain to launch you into illuminating, amazing, and quite possibly steamy new adventures.

Consider this your personal invitation to step into the limelight and make things happen! Better yet, as was our intention for the Solstice Advent wreathbe that light!

Joyfulness, creativity and your deepest, most affirming desires can inflame your passions and move you forward. Now is the time for you to shine forth in your bold new beginning.

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