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Psalm 103

Today’s offering is from Angela Magara’s masterpiece, Earth Psalms — her sublime reconsideration of the Biblical psalms.  She writes of this treasure, “I had heard from my friend, Rabbi David Edleson, that many of the psalms were closely based on much older praise songs from the ancient Near East, dedicated to their Gods and Goddesses, then overlaid with Jehovah…much as Winter Solstice was overlaid with Christmas.  I wondered what the Psalms would be if that overlay were skimmed off…”

The result is a work that I personally believe belongs on the bookshelves of every man and woman who seeks Divine inspiration and comfort.  Blessed be.
— Beth

Earth Psalms

by Angela Magara
Psalm 103

Bless my soul, riding in each of my cells.
Bless my body, manifest in time.
I call healing and blessing upon me and
Within me it rises.
For the mystery of life is folded like origami,
Never revealing the form until complete.
When my life closed and my eyes were blinded
I was raised from despair by a child’s hand.
Helpless helper.
Mercy rides easily across Earth
While we dip our heads and fail to see.
Though we falter, we are strengthened,
Though we fail, we continue.
Though we carry our shadow, we are light along the path.
Like all in its season we will ripen and fall
But the mercy of Life continues.
The grasses will sing my song when my voice is stilled.
Blessed is my soul.

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