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An Exercise for The First House

As you may know, on weekends, I like to share the voices and visions of other dreamers, artists and wise people. This is from Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy, by Sarah Ban Breathnach, and it ties in perfectly with our visit to the First House of the astrological birth chart. I have tweaked it somewhat so that it is less gender biased (her book is very much directed towards a female readership).  And I have modified some of the terminology that refers to tools specific to the book, making them more universal.  Enjoy!

Once Upon A Time You Trusted Yourself

by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Today, try to find a photograph of yourself when you were about ten. Make sure you’re smiling. Put it in a beautiful frame and place it on your dressing table, desk, or in your journal and look at it every day.

Send love to that young boy or girl. Try to travel back in time and imagination. See yourself at ten: at home, at school, and at play.

Where did you live? Can you see your house or apartment, and the street? Walk through the rooms in your childhood home. What did your bedroom look like? Who were your friends? Did you have a best pal?

How did you play? What was your favorite color in the Crayola pack? Did you play a musical instrument? What was your favorite toy or doll? Can you recall the scent of Play-Doh?

What were your favorite foods? What subject did you like best in the fifth grade? Can you remember? Try to recall yourself at ten in your morning pages, sketchbook, or daily journal.

Have fun with this exercise because age ten was probably the last time you totally trusted your instincts. You didn’t listen to the opinions of your mother, your brother, your sister, or your friends, because you had your own.

To watch my ten-year-old daughter in the dressing room of a department store is a revelation. “No, that’s not me,” she’ll frequently say as I show her outfits to try on.

With an assurance that I envy, she reaches for a tapestry vest and a black felt slouch hat. “There,” she announces with satisfaction, “this looks like me.”

I remind myself that once upon a time, I trusted my instincts. You did too. Once upon a time, there weren’t second and third guesses. It can be that way again.

Try to contact that child you once were. He or she is all grown up now, but your authentic self is waiting to remind you how powerful, accomplished, and extraordinary you really are.

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  • January 29, 2011, 12:53 pm Judy Eastwood

    Thank you Beth for posting this. Sarah Ban Breathnach is one of my favorites. I also love her book “Romancing The Ordinary”. She is so comforting to read.
    I also love reading about the houses. I have used astrology off and on for years. There’s always more to learn and your blog is the perfect way for me to do it.
    Thank you!

  • January 30, 2011, 2:50 am STARGAZER

    Periwinkle blue!